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Jamie was 12 years old when she lost her sight in an accident. She believes there is always specific time for certain things but when love knocks on Jamie's door, she is swept off of her feet when the famous Ice Queen Valentine, the daughter of city's Drug Lord, falls for her. With her complicated life and everything going on, will she be able to love Valentine or will she let her go?... Valentine, who is feared among all her peers, is a dangerous, merciless, and cold-hearted trained assassin who is also the daughter of City's Drug Lord Damian Dark. She parties, races, does stunts and lives her life on the edge. One thing about her, she hates talking or being touched. There is no space for love in her life. But what will happen when Love will sweep her right off of her feet and she won't be given a choice? Will she fight it or just go with it? Follow the lives of two very different people. Both are brought together by one thing we all know as 'Fate'. Their journey on discovering themselves and their truths.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1


I remember reading a phrase from a page torn from one of my mother’s books when I was younger ′When life gives you lemons....′ The next half, I presume was in the book it belonged to. That is the last thing I remember reading. When I was 12 years old I lost my vision in an accident. Since then I have been like this, blind. It was hard in the early years but now I’m pretty used to it. The doctors say that there are chances that they can restore my vision once I turn 18, something to do about rod cells in my eyes and all. To be honest, I’m not holding my breath for it.

I live with my mother and a younger sister, Cassie. My dad passed away in an accident 3 years ago, yeah there is something with my family and accidents. I try and live my life like a normal teenager. My mom worries a lot though. I go to a special school for blind and will be done with it soon. I’ll be turning 18 in 3 months. As much as everyone is waiting for that time to come, I don’t like to get my hopes up. I started working at a coffee shop last month which has been going on pretty well. The manager is my sister-like-friend so we spend a good time together and I can earn a good amount of money as well. My mother doesn’t understand why I do this but I like living my life like a normal person.

I love the feeling I get when the warm rays of the sun hit my skin. I love the feeling of raindrops kissing my face. I love the cold air of winter nights. Although I can’t see all those things I can feel them. I remember this one time my dad took me to a beach, it was so serene, beautiful and peaceful. I remember closing my eyes and listening to the waves rushing towards the shore. I remember the cold sand hugging my feet. I remember the cool breeze wrapping around my skin like a blanket. That was one of the best memories with my dad as well as my vision-filled-life.

The coffee shop, where I work, wasn’t far from my home so I walked there daily. I had counted steps and hardly had any trouble reaching there. I’m pretty sure that my mom silently followed me for the first week I started walking there. Working there is easier then I thought it would be. I just have to stand behind a counter and act like a normal girl who is just there to take the order. I try making no eye contact even when it won’t matter. I am not sure how I look now but on the basis of the tips I receive daily, I’m pretty sure I’m above average.

When I first started working, Madelline used to walk me every day for three weeks even after my mom followed me around as well. Maddy is my childhood best friend and considered it her duty to look after me. Maddy is the best person, she is very caring, extra-protective, understanding and I’m pretty sure she’s hot. She is the head cheerleader in her high school and she loves it. She might come off as a bitch to most of the people, but she is a softy inside.

I was walking to the coffee shop when I heard a car stop nearby me, then I heard my bestie’s voice calling out to me.

“Hey, Jamie, coffee shop?” she shouted. I’m pretty sure she’ still in her car.

“Hey, Maddy. Yeah, I’m leaving for my shift. What’s up?” I replied facing where the sound came from.

“Come I’ll give you a ride,” she said.

“Umm.. okay. Wanna help me get there?” I laughed. She sometimes forgets that I can’t see but that’s one of the reasons I love her. She makes me feel normal even when I’m not.

“Oh shit! yeah, wait I’m coming.” I heard the car door being opened and then Maddy’s perfume filled my nostrils. Then her soft hand held mine leading me to the passenger seat. She made sure I got in and closed the door then got in the driver’s side.

“Buckle up babe,” She said kissing my cheek. I felt my cheeks heating up. See? That’s what I meant by softie at heart.

“Thanks, Maddy. Where were you going by the way?” I asked as she started to drive.

“Oh this totally hot guy has a party at his house tonight, so after I drop you I’ll head there. I’d have asked you to come but I know your answer so....” she tried off. Being my best friend, she knows me better than anyone.

“Thanks, Maddy. You’re the best” I said with a genuine smile. I hate parties, they are loud and filled with strange smells which I don’t like at all. One experience was enough for me.

“I am baby.” she chirped. Then started singing to the song on the radio ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. I joined her.

We reach the shop in almost 5 mins. Maddy helps me in from where my friend and the shop’s manager Rosie comes out to help me, she takes my hand leading me inside. I don’t like walking around by my stick as it literally shouts ‘I’m blind’ but I keep it in my bag all the times, just in case.

“Hey Jamie, how was your day so far?” Rosie asked politely. She is very humble and sweet. I like working here because of her. She helps me build up my confidence and treats me like a normal person, which I’m very grateful for.

“Good I guess. What about you?” I ask her. While walking beside her and being surrounded by the familiar fragrance of coffee and sweets.

“Busy, as always. Come let’s get you settled.” She answers helping me get settled into my uniform and at my place.

Rosie helps me adjust behind the counter and I start working. My job here is to take the order and yell it out loud to Rosie and my other fellow workers, who then make the drinks. I keep my head down while working and usually have a notepad and a pen. I have an awesome memory and never forget a familiar voice, that’s how I can remember the drinks of our daily customers, as well as their perfumes and cologne, helps. I mostly recognize them before they even place their orders and have memorized their regulars. I actually get tipped a lot, I’m not sure if that’s ‘you are a good employ’ tip or the ‘you’re blind so I gave you a tip’ tip. Either way, I get it more than the other two workers.

As I was working I heard the doorbell chime and a group of people walking towards the counter. They sound like youngsters and are were laughing and definitely smoking. Suddenly a strong, alluring scent starts lingering around me, which means the customer is either leaning on the counter or emptied the whole bottle of perfume on themselves today. It was strangely a pleasant scent if I dare say so.

“What would you like to have?” I asked the customer trying my best to avoid looking up.

This was the normal question I ask so many times a day for taking the orders, but today the answer was different. Instead of words, I was greeted with smoke in my face. It was so strong and so close that I started coughing badly and my nostrils were burning from sudden smoke. Then the loud roar of laughter was heard, I tried to stop the coughing but I couldn’t. As I turned around, I somehow I tripped and fell, hitting my head pretty hard on something. Rosie and the other workers rushed towards me, but before they could reach me someone jumped across the counter, it was the same scent of the customer.

“Jamie., Oh my God! are you alright?” Rosie shouted from somewhere close to me. If I’m not wrong she was crouching in front of me.

“Yeah, I’m fine Rosie don’t worry.” I tried to assure her but I wasn’t even convincing myself’s and I felt this pain on my forehead.

“Oh my God ! you’re bleeding Jamie.” Rosie gasped.

I touched my forehead and felt some kind of liquid which I’m pretty sure was my blood. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder causing me to turn in the direction. It was the same person who caused me to fall. Then I heard the most beautiful, husky, alluring and intimidating voice I have ever heard in my life. It was soft as well as cold, like a cold winter night, but with a flicker of warmth. It caused a strange feeling to run through my body from the point where her hand touched my shoulder to all over my body causing me to shiver in response.

“Are you okay?” the voice asked. I am pretty sure the person was genuinely concerned. As soon as I heard the voice my eyes snapped to it’s direction and I heard a sharp intake of breath.

“No, she’s not! Why the hell did you do that? Can’t you see she’s---” Rosie shouted at the person before I could reply causing me to turn to her voice. I quickly cut her off before she could say that I was blind, I didn’t want people to pity me because of that, especially the one whose voice this was.

“I’m fine. Rosie, help me up.” I assured her and tried to stand.

Rosie helped me up and brought me to the back area before the person could say anything else. She cleaned my wound while muttering profanities under her breath. When she was sure that I was cleaned up she asked,

“Jamie, let me call your mom. She’ll pick you up.” Rosie offered worried.

“No! Rosie, please. I want to stay. Please” I quickly refused. God knows what my mom would do if she knew what happened. She was already very worried about me coming here.

“But Jamie you just got hurt so bad. I have to tell her.” she tried to reason with me but I wasn’t gonna listen to her.

“Please, Rosie. This is the only time I get to act normal. Please let me have it. If mom knew what happened today she won’t let me come here again and I’ll be trapped in my house for the rest of the time until that stupid surgery.” I begged Rosie. She kept quiet for a min but then answered.

“Okay.....” she sighed and kissed my cheek. “Take a break for half an hour and then if you feel better, you can work.” she offered and I sighed in relief.

“Thanks, Rosie. I really appreciate that.” I smiled at Rosie. I knew she’d understand me. Then another thought entered my mind and I asked her “Hey Rosie, who was it? The one who smoked at my face?” She muttered something under her breath but answered nonetheless,

“I don’t know actually, I haven’t seen her before but she came with a group of other kids who didn’t look like the kind you’d wanna hang out with. Now you rest and we’ll talk later okay?” she asked and I nodded in response and with that, I heard Rosie leave the room. I leaned back in the chair and tried to relax. It was a girl who did this. I still couldn’t get her voice out if my head and the feeling I got when she touched me. I shivered just by thinking about it. I laid down on the spare bed and closed my eyes for a while.

I felt someone nudging my shoulder when I heard Kevin telling me that it was way past my shift’s time and I was asleep all along. I thanked Kevin and got ready to leave. Rosie had gone out to run some errands while Kevin was working for his shift and soon other workers will join him as well. When I left the shop I smelled the air and realized gonna rain soon. I didn’t wanna get stuck in this weather so I started walking towards my house. This must be my unlucky day because it started pouring within three minutes of walking. I groaned loudly when I felt myself getting completely drenched from the rain, I didn’t even have an umbrella with me.

I was walking in the rain, drenched, shivering and mumbling to myself how this day had gotten one of the worst days of my life when I felt like someone was watching me and I felt the hair on my nape stand up. I immediately got scared and started walking faster. I heard a vehicle stop not far from where I was and then footsteps were following me. To say that I was scared would be an understatement because I was scared shitless. I was walking fast and my heart was beating frantically when something caught me off guard, suddenly the rain stopped falling. But the sound was still there, which meant someone was holding an umbrella for me. Then there was a jacket draped at my shoulders providing warmth and a familiar scent. Before I could even speak I inhaled the same alluring scent from the cafe earlier, it was the same girl.....


Those eyes....

I have seen those eyes before but where?. I kept asking myself again and again. Since the moment my eyes locked with hers something shifted in me. Those were the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen in my life. It was like watching the ocean, so deep, calm and dangerous. I didn’t even realize that I froze at the place when I locked eyes with her until Victor shook me. I had never been the one to give a fuck about anyone I hurt but something in me snapped when I saw her get hurt.

It was a normal day for me. I and my gang were out to have fun, smoking weed, drinking, and whatnot when I suddenly felt my stomach grumbling and I went to this cafe nearby to get something to eat. I was smoking when I entered and went to the counter. The girl on the counter asked me what I wanted and didn’t look up which annoyed me and I did the only thing that seemed suitable at the time to get her to look at me but I never knew it could result in her getting hurt. When she fell I don’t know what overtook me as I jumped over the counter and rushed to her side but my breath got caught when those eyes looked at me. It was like they were the strongest chains and held me at my spot. I was lost at words and my breathing halted. The moment I touched her shoulder my whole body shivered from an unknown force and her voice, it was like velvet.

After her friends took her away I left with my gang but all the time she was on my mind. When it was time to go to the club I told my gang to go ahead and I’ll catch on later. Victor noticed my behavior but he knew better than to question me. I left them and came to the cafe but didn’t go in, instead, I stayed in my car outside of the cafe and waited. For what? I had no idea.

I was sitting in my seat listening to music when I had this strange feeling and I opened my eyes. She was standing there, outside the cafe. The girl who has been on my mind since the moment I saw her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath and then started walking. I revived my car and followed her. It started raining and soon it was pouring. I noticed she didn’t have an umbrella and she was drenched. She was shivering from the cold. While I was watching her from my car and I had this strange feeling in my stomach that I didn’t quite like. In fact, I hated it.

Before I knew what the fuck I was doing, I was walking towards her. I opened the umbrella and covered her. She stopped abruptly. I draped my spare jacket on her shoulders to help her warm a bit. She stayed silent for a while. Then she looked me in the eyes and just like before I was gone.

“Thanks. If this is your way of saying sorry then apology accepted even if it was creepy of you to follow me like that” she said with a smile on her face. I was so fucking gone. How the fuck can she look so fucking beautiful. When I didn’t answer she spoke again, “Not much of a talker are you?”

“Let me drop you” I offered. I had no idea what the fuck was I doing but I had this urge to make sure she was safe. It was already dark and raining and she was out here alone.

“Thanks but I don’t live far from here so I’ll be fine,” she said softly.

“Let me walk you then” I offered again. She nodded and started walking while I walked with her.

My brain was screaming, what the fuck! While there was that fucking flicker of warmth again. We walked in silence. Suddenly she tripped and I held her. I fucking held her and I felt nothing, no pain, no burning sensation, no fucking flashbacks nothing. She touched the skin on my exposed arm and nothing happened. I was frozen in my spot. Her voice saying sorry broke me out of my state. I straightened myself and walked with her again. All the time I couldn’t believe what just happened. Before I knew it we reached a house, it was a nice one with two floors and looked very homey. She went to the door and knocked on it. I had closed the umbrella and started walking away when her voice stopped me,

“Where are you going?” she asked. I didn’t know how to answer that question but before I could the door opened revealing an older version of the girl.

“Jamie! Oh my God, you had me so worried. Where have you been?. Your shift ended hours ago? I called Rosie but she wasn’t answering and then Maddy came--- Oh my God what happened to you?” the woman kept on going and on when Jamie decided to cut her off,

“I’m fine mom. I dozed off at work. This very kind girl helped me get home safely.” she said sweetly turning towards me. Her mom then turned towards me like she has noticed me just now. Then I heard the voice I would have never even dreamt of hearing coming from inside the house causing me to stiffen in my place.

“Omg Jamie! Where the hell have you been? Do you know how worried we all were and who---” her ranting stopped when her eyes landed on me and all her worried expressions changed into one of hatred and rage which I was very used to. Then she lunged towards me, “You. What the fuck are you doing here V? And why are you with Jamie? What the fuck have you done?” she lunged at me grabbing me from my collar.

“Maddy, what are you doing?” Jamie’s mom shouted. Jamie had a worried look on her face but she did nothing.

“Just because she can’t see you think you can hurt her you bitch?” she yelled at me causing me to look at her. Blind? What the fuck! How can she be blind? She was fucking walking with me right now.

“Maddy” Jamie shouted. That got Maddy’s attention and she released me and quickly went to her side and checked her forehead. “She did nothing Maddy. She helped me get home safely. It was an accident at work” Jamie said trying to calm the bitch down.

Maddy was still looking at her worriedly while I was still in shock to learn that Jamie was blind. They were talking when I turned on my heels and left. I walked in the rain, not giving a fuck about getting wet. When I reached my car I entered it and left for the club where the rest of my gang was waiting for me. I drank the whole night and smoke weed with Victor and my gang while all along with those eyes where at the back of my mind. Those eyes which can’t even see and yet had managed to capture me like the strongest chains.


I hope you like this chapter. This is the start of the story and I wanted to show the POV of both characters. Maybe I’ll write the next chapter from the ROM the author’s POV. Hope it was worth your time. Thanks for reading whoever does. Stay safe and look after each other. Show kindness.

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