The Beginning

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Marriage has always been a curse to Giovanni Morello, as a Boss of the Italian mafia. Along with the death of his wife, all good in life had been ripped away from him. With a heart as cold as ice and temper most feared, Giovanni ruthlessly rules over his empire, not allowing anyone close enough to see the broken man inside. Giovanni's life takes an unexpected turn as a marriage proposal comes his way, one foolish to refuse as it would grand peace between two families long at war. In need of hire and encouraged by trusted men, Giovanni agrees with the arranged marriage to Aria Esposito, someone younger and full of life. Will Aria be capable of bringing life back in Giovanni's heart when there's still a shadow of his past lover lingering around? How will this marriage between people so different, work when the peace is as brittle as glass? The Beginning. Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved

Romance / Drama
Emma Garcia
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Chapter 1

"Gio!", Greta screamed. I watched her as she cried in fear but there was nothing I could do. "Gio", she cried as a gun was pointed to her head. I stood there stuck trying to move but my body wouldn't let me.

"Gio", I jumped slightly as my brother, Lorenzo, smacked the table trying to get my attention. "Uh, sorry. What were we talking about again?", I asked taking a deep breath. "We were talking about Lance, he wants to be promoted", Lorenzo said. I sat up straight in my chair. "I'll have to talk to him, he is family now", I said.

I poured myself a glass of whiskey and finished it in one swig. Dad walked into the room, I stood up and walked over to him kissing his cheek before handed him a glass of whiskey. "Have you told him about Lance?", Dad asked Lorenzo. "Just now", he said taking a seat.

"Well, what are you going to do?", Dad asked me. "Pop, I am gonna have a talk with him but it isn't up to me to make the final decision, it's you", I said. Dad shook his head, "No, you're gonna run this business", Dad said.

I already did run the business, I still had to run everything by him before I made a final decision. I sighed before getting up from my seat and pacing back and forth. "We are setting everything up for tomorrow night", I said.

Dad and Lorenzo exchanged looks and I stopped pacing.

"What?", I asked.

"About that, it will be dismissed. We have a meeting with the Esposito's instead of the other thing.", Dad sat up in his chair.

"A meeting about what?", I asked. "Peace", Lorenzo chimed in. "Peace?", I asked, Dad and Lorenzo both nodded. "What for?", I was curious now. We've been at war for years so why all of a sudden would they want peace with us?

"Why do they want peace?", I asked.

"They have a proposal they want to make with you, an exchange", Dad said slowly.

I felt myself getting upset, "What kind? You're keeping things very vague", I said trying not to raise my voice. I'm usually good at keeping my cool around dad and Lorenzo along with my sister but right now I was being told nothing about this meeting except that there was a proposal that was offered. "I'm not sure, but we will find out tomorrow. Now, let's see what your mother made for dinner, shall we?", Dad said getting up from his seat and walking into the other room.

I turned to Lorenzo, "I know you know what the meeting is about so tell me.", I told him. Lorenzo held his hands up in defense, "I really don't know", he said before walking away. I signed before walking out of the dining room into the kitchen to see my mother filling plates up with food and setting them in the dining room.

Whatever this meeting was about, I didn't like it. There's no way that they wanted peace all of a sudden. They had to be hiding something, didn't they?

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