The Night Operator

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When you work in a call centre, serving a good amount of customers every day, there is no limit to the things you might hear. Or is there?

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“Tech services department, my name is Maggie. How can I help you?”

“Hey Maggie" he breathed.

“It's you again” she said irritated. “What do you want?”

“Sweetheart, this is not a way to speak to a customer” he scolded. “You know you are being recorded. Don’t be unprofessional”

“We are both being recorded you pervert. If you call again I will be the one to report you. Not the other way around" she whispered angrily and prepared to hung up.

“Wait. I am really having troubles this time" he said.

“Oh, please. I don’t think I wanna hear about it”

“But you are supposed to help people with functional problems"

“Yes" she said slowly.

“And I am having some trouble to get my equipment to work. So I really need your help”

“Okay, then sir. How may I help you?” she asked through gritted teeth.

“Just keep talking sweetheart and the problem will fix itself" he said huskily.

“Screw you!” she hissed and she cut the line.

It was final. Tomorrow she was going to report it.

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