Red Secrets

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"Don't be so arrogant..." I said. [...] It was the first i noticed how irresistible and overwhelming was his look. How naturally hard angled was the shape of his eyebrows. Even his blood-stained lips had the perfect symmetry, bow-shaped i would call it. This image didn't identify with the monstrous one that i had portrayed the days before. The question that concerned me earlier today reappeared inside my mind. I put it into words. "Kyan, who are you after all?" He smirked. "Your worst nightmare!" That was the last thing he said. He then let his body collapse on my chest. ~The story revolves around the life of a seventeen-year-old girl named Alice. After her mother's death she discovers a letter that advices her to move in a decent house with the aim of finding more things about her past and her life generally. What she doesn't know is that when she first steps in this house she finds herself tangled in a war between dark creatures for a sacred heirloom, which gives each member of the family that takes possesion of it, a wish. The big question is: What connection has the life of an ordinary girl like Alice with a bloody war like this one? But remember! The most obvious question isn't always the most important!

Romance / Fantasy
Last Angel
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I hate it...
I hate the darkness that surrounds this cell, i hate those bars, i hate the cold that embraces me, i hate everything. But that last thing you forced me to watch, that was the worst of them all. Why father, why did you have to do that in front of me even though i begged you not to? And you mother, why did you remain silent? You could do anything with me,i am a man, i can take in everything. Whip me, injure me, torture me!
I am used to all these things but why hurt little Laura, she is only ten years old. You are not are beasts! How could you do that to your own daughter? Why must you be so cruel?
I can handle the pain, i’ve felt the knife in my body, i’ve felt my blood dripping on my back, i’ve felt everything! But why did you have to drag my weakness in all this madness? Haven’t you had enough of my physical destruction? You did have to destabilize me too to satisfy yourselves, didn’t you? I agreed even to your order to severely injure myself for you to stop what you were doing but you didn’t care, you didn’t care about anything! You remained heartless even when i revealed tears for the first time. And then they say that men shouldn’t cry... Bullshit!
I won’t forget father. I won’t forget the way you striked the knife into her chest. I won’t forget her pleading nor the phrase: “I love you Kyan...” coming out of her lips. I won’t forget anything! Laura was the only person keeping me from commiting suicide and you took her away from me either way!
She always came to visit me in the cell and she was the one who cleaned th blood from my clothes. Her smile was the only thing that was keeping me sane and she always teared up when she spoted the new wounds on my body. She was my anchor. My one and only hope. But you took her life so easily right in front of me. You stole the life of my little sister! Then, there wasn’t any reason for me to keep baring this torment. I put an end to all of these. Finally, i could rest in peace...

But when i thought that my eyes had beeen shut forever, they reopened. But i was not in the same cold cell that i spend my whole life anymore.
It was the first time in a while that i saw light. It made me happy even though it wasn’t natural. I was inside an old tower which looked somehow aristocratic. I didn’t have the time to stand up when an intense desire surrounded me. It was the first time in my life that i felt so thirsty. Panicked i looked around me. How much time has it been since i fed on something? It seemed like an eternity on me. Beside that, somehow i felt that my hearing had been sharpened up. The moment that i felt lost someone appeared right in front of me. Although his hood was blocking me from seeing his face what i noticed was his lips smiling sweetly.
“Who are you?” I asked when a hard headache hit me abruptly.
It took me a while to realize that i couldn’t remember anything apart from the cell. The person standing in front of me opened his mouth to speak.

“Your memory has been erased. Your attempt to remember will only lead to unbearable headache, it would be best for you not to try it. More importantly, how are you feeling?”
I looked at him surprised. The only thing that was in my mind right now was how to calm my thirst. The words slipped unconciously from my mouth.

“I’m thirsty...”
The man smiled as he put out a little knife from his belt. He used it to cut his flesh. Blood started dripping from his wrist. Then i felt my eyes like burning and without me realizing it i attacked to his wrist cutting it open with my fangs.

“Your transformation was a success”. He said clearly satisfied.
Transformation? What was he talking about? I was too thirsty to think. When i finally distanced myself, all that thirst was magically gone.

“Better?” He asked putting his knife back in his belt.
I stood up from my knees and i walked towards the mirror across me. I looked at myself and i couldn’t believe in my reflection. Blood was dripping from the edge of my lips and my eyes had turned a deep red colour. Was that me? Quickly i turned to him gulping.
“What am i?” I asked while i was whipping my mouth from the blood.
“Now you’re not human, you’re a little bit more than than that. Vampire i would call it in your language!”
I shuddered only at the sound of the word. In other words from now on the only thing that would sutisfy my hunger was blood? I wanted to know more but he dissapeared before i could say or ask anything else. I never had the chance to learn his name until recently... Edgar.

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