The Bad Boy and the Angel

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In the small, tight-knit town of Summerville, Sasha Brooklyn is the new girl. She moves into a beautiful house with her dad who works non-stop and her young housewife step-mother. At first glance, she seems like an all-around kind-hearted and bright girl, but Sasha's family have some angelic ancestors making her something special to certain people, but that she doesn't realize until she starts her new school. It's not her new friends Cathy, Makayla and Leroy who all let her know how the school is and are there for her. It's when she meets the school and town's most intimidating and mysterious guy that stands out for all the wrong reasons as a danger and real bad influence. The two of them will go through some roller coaster events in a kind of romance that everyone warns Sasha of, but Dante uses for something not yet know. ..,If only she did. Ranked 3rd place in the Candy Heart Awards 2021. (Huge thank you to @LizSorora for the beautiful cover).

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My eyes shot open when I was awoken by the sound of my beeping alarm clock. I reached over my queen-sized bed to turn it off and let out a sigh while sitting up. I stretched my arms out as wide as they could before I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and hauled myself out of bed. Today was my first day at my new school, Summerville high and my emotions felt like a mixed bag of sweets. I was nervous one second, then happy, then I was scared and also confident and I couldn’t predict what I would be from one minute to the next. Trying as much as possible to keep my emotions in check and to go on through my morning as normal, I walked to my bright white en-suite bathroom and ran some water in the white marble sink. I washed my sleepy face, brushed my teeth, then dried my face with a dark brown fluffy towel.

Ten minutes later I had picked my outfit for my first day of school. A black skirt that came to my knees, a cream blouse with lace long-sleeves that came to my wrists and black flats. I made a last-minute decision to wear some black tights underneath because there was an icy wind outside blowing the branches of the autumn dressed trees and I knew my legs would shiver to death. I wore my gold locket that had a picture of me and my mother when I was a baby too; it lay just next to my heart on my chest. I missed my mother. My dad divorced her when I was six and I wasn’t allowed to live with since he got custody of me. He was financially better after their divorce, and I was able to see her at Christmas and on my birthday, but I still really miss her. I would have more freedom to go see her again when I went to college though and more chance to embrace the part of me that came from her and her family. With the necklace, I wore a gold charm bracelet to match and had my long curly black hair down after I softly brushed it. Grabbing my phone, I went down the stairs to have breakfast while checking the news to see if anything exciting was happening in the world. I walked down the hall passing the door to the living room to my kitchen but was stopped halfway down in my tracks by a high pitched and slightly irritating voice calling my name. Well, something that was close to my name that was irritating.

“Sashy!” It called and I groaned to myself. That was the voice of my step-mother Cassidy who always looked like she just stepped off a catwalk, was a decade younger than my dad, but they did love each other and she had been caring to me since she got married to my dad when I was 14. I swung around and sure enough there she was wearing a red cocktail dress, huge heels that I thought she might break her neck in if she slipped, and her hair was styled to near perfection, and face was done up with makeup. A touch too much makeup. Here we go she’s going to do the overexcited it’s your first day at school thing, I thought as she got to the bottom of the stairs. Before you get any ideas, no she is not an evil step-mother and I don’t hate her. It’s just she can be annoying to me, we are opposites and she always trying to find something for us to do together like ‘besties’ as she said one time. If I’m honest, I don’t want to be with her. Especially because she calls me ‘Sashy’.

“Sashy,” she repeated with a huge smile coming. I smiled back slightly as she tightly hugged me.

“Hi, Cassidy...” I awkwardly replied through slightly gritted teeth. She pulled away sighing proudly at me.

“It’s your first day at a new school and our first day in a new town!” She exclaimed and squealed like a little girl. I nodded slowly just about wearing my smile still.

“Yay...” I said without excitement and she pursed her big lipstick-wearing lips at me.

“Oh, come on miss grumpy pants, where’s your sense of adventure and excitement?” She asked as we walked into the kitchen. “Your dad said that you were always exploring when you were five,” she stated and I stopped in my tracks. Memories of me running around the garden and my mother’s loving face flashed into my mind. Tears pooled in my eyes, but I wiped them with my thumb.

“Yeah, use to,” I said picking up my brown shoulder bag and walked quickly out the door after saying goodbye to her. I walked to the bus stop just outside my house and waited for the bus to arrive. From out the corner of my eye, I saw a sleek black Mercedez drive up the road and turn into my house’s driveway to park up. I instantly knew who it was. Out of the driver’s seat came the bald head of my dad. He was wearing one of his usual expensive suits, shiny black dress shoes and in his hand he carried a briefcase. He looked over at me and smiled slightly. He was tired out from having to work from late at night until the early hours of the morning.

“Hey sweetie.” he waved and surprisingly walked to me after locking his car.

“Hi, Dad,” I replied not looking at him. He probably was going to get me to accept a ride to school from him or Cassidy.

“What are you doing out here?” He asked with slightly confused. He probably expected that Cassidy would drive me to school if he didn’t take me. I just wanted to have some time to myself so I could gather my thoughts before I go after getting some good lucks from my Dad and Step-Mom.

“I’m waiting for the bus,” I said with a stating-the-obvious-truth tone. He shook his head pursing his lips.

“No, Cassidy is going to drive you,” he stated bluntly not letting me disagree and turned to walk to the house. He walked to the house and within a minute Cassidy came running out of the house with her cream dress jacket and sunglasses in her hands, her heels clicking against the ground. Huffing, she stopped in front of me. She was wearing heels so I understand that she would be.

“H-hey, your D-Dad asked me to give you a r-ride to school.” she sputtered pushing back her hair from out of her eyes before she put her designer sunglasses on. I sighed and nodded then thanked her. She led me to her red sports car and we both climbed into the car with her in the driver seat and me in the passenger. She told me to buckle my seat belt which I did, her doing the same before her then she put the key in the ignition. It was a 20-minute drive to the school from my house. The street we lived on was in the suburbs of Summerville with houses that had crystal white fences, perfectly shaved bushes lining the fences and big windows with nice cars parked outside them. When we pulled up to the school my jaw fell open in shock. It was a lot more modern then I thought it would be and more modern the rest of the buildings in the town. The main building was three floors high and had large glass windows with a big car park next to a football field, all placed at the front of a thick forest. There was a slight ramp to the automatic doors and all around the grounds were a variety of different kids going to the school. Taking a deep breath I exited the car slamming the door after me and flashing a quick smile to Cassidy.

“Bye,” I mumbled and pulled my bag over my shoulder more.

“Have fun!” She chirped in her annoying voice and waved goodbye to me. I turned to the school and took a deep breath. Here goes nothing, I thought.

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