The Love Triangle

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The romantic theme of the book takes an erotic route that presents events as they appear. Making love and being intimate is not something new and the manner in which they are displayed makes the whole content exciting yet unique. It takes one through a journey of all that encompasses the love. Between the lines, those who are keen enough can pick hundreds of nuggets if not thousands. It shares the mystery of finding true love in a metaphorical way. From the beginning to the end, these mysteries are covered in white and black and those who find them becomes masters of love. Meditating and reasoning are very vital in making decisions as far as love and intimacy are concerned. Those who trust their imagination and guts are sure to secure for themselves a greater love. When their guts refuse to trust, they stop trusting as well. “Love triangle” inspires a sense of understanding that all relationships are not the same. There are those which may cause mayhem and pain rendering one voiceless in matters of love and there are those which are flawless. It depicts the kind of love where both partners are willing to positively contribute towards the overall good of the affair. Mentions of naughty words, naming of private parts is a new normal in the content. No table is left unturned in achieving maturity and satisfaction of erotic material.

Romance / Erotica
Max Krish
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Chapter 1: In the image of love

Tina had been a reader all her life. She could read any kind of content so long as it was appealing to her. In most times than not, you could find her in the library and her friend Judy occasionally called her a bookworm. This seemed not to bother Tina as her affinity for books and sweet content was on another level. She loved romantic novels and the ones that appeared romantic could secure her full-time attention. She read books like Shades of Love and Go Get It in one sitting. She was just an amazing girl, well built with curves that could make any man look back after passing by.

Her interest in romantic affairs grew little by little as she exposed herself to romantic content. Judy was the first to notice that she was getting carried away and assimilated into a romantic creature with time. Initially, she used to dress with simplicity but as time went by, she could not mind if people saw her cleavage and her beautiful thighs. It started generating a lot of concern for Judy and the assimilation began to take stage. Within no time, as they say, birds of a feather flock together. Soon, the two began to dress erotically and the motive with which they carried was wild.

They two were beautiful but the strong feelings that Tina had for Judy could not be controlled. She could occasionally spank her back and nothing much happened. The feeling started becoming mutual for Judy and sleepovers in Tina’s place began to establish. The two would cuddle at night without knowing that something else would take the place of friendship. The feelings and strong desires for each other grew stronger and one would mistake the relationship for just a mere friendship.

In this case, Tina began extending things to the next level. On one particular evening, she broke up the ice and declared her love for Judy and that she felt mad. She was surprised when Judy confirmed that the feeling was mutual and that she was waiting for the most opportune time to burst the airbag. She was gathering courage and brevity little by little to move forward and convince her. This was followed by a tight hug and the two kissed each other for the very first time. Tina had not been in a romantic affair before but Judy had a list of boyfriends who she had dumped or otherwise.

Within the love triangle, Judy had a lot of experience especially when it came to intimacy. She had been doing it since she joined high school and now she was in her final year in college. She was known for infidelity and moving from one man to the other. She simply had a high affinity for men who had money, big cars and a taste for shopping. This saw her through an emotional transitional journey from one emotional trauma to the next. It did not bother her altogether. She was strongly built and although beautiful, she did not leverage it to stick in a strong relationship with a gentleman and she could have if she wanted.

On the other hand, the only experience that Tina had was grasped from the books she had encountered. She had read so many romantic books and thought that it was enough experience. She had lived to love herself and was, therefore, was not involved in any romantic affair. Although she had experimented with romance with a friend in their early high school years, she was not in love. She was therefore not a virgin but she behaved like one. She was cool, composed and when approached by a man, she had a feeling that love was just but a dream.

She did not know that soon, things were going to change course in a big way. That night, the sleepover was different. The cuddling and the kisses they shared with Judy were breathtaking. For the very first time, she felt something different. She was in another world and she felt the warmth that was not common. Judy was an expert and rolled her tongue all over her body. She thrilled her with a sexual feeling that she had never fathomed. Little by little, her fingers started moving slowly down her pelvis. It was warm down there and they had their eyes closed. Soon, her fingers were inside Tina and she mourned. She was groaning for help as the kind of pleasure she was feeling was different from whatever she had experienced before.

They were both wet. They were mutually caressing each other and it was all noisy. They were both groaning and their phones were off. No interruption was worth it, whoever was calling notwithstanding. The thrill continued and for like an hour, both were in a different world. Judy wanted to make Tina come and she was deliberate about it. She gently concentrated on the thrusts of her middle finger. As the rhythm continued, she noticed that Tina would soon come. She continued to moan and to thrust in and out. As she continued, it was pleasurable to both and without knowing, she came first. She felt such a sweet thing that the boy next door knocked to see who the mad love birds were.

The mourning stopped gradually and the two finally came again and again. It was the kind of feeling that Tina had always read about erotic books. She was not a porn addict but she had watched several just to satisfy her curiosity. She, however, noticed that orgasm was the ultimate feeling that every girl anticipated and looked for towards at some point in life. This evening was her day and she wished she had started it a long time ago. They finally finished the first lap and it was time for refreshment. They cooked together, ate and they could not wait to go back for another lap.

When they got back to bed, the lights were off but the momentum had gradually fallen. They had not as pangs as they had in the beginning. Judy was and declared that the thing was actually awkward and that if it was not a female-female affair, it would be better and even sweeter. She went ahead to confirm that in her many encounters with romantic affairs, men were in a big way sweeter than their women counterparts. She could not get Tina along with this and Tina was not ready to believe such news. She had already felt like she was in a different world and nowhere was Judy trying to explain how sweet it was not or how sweeter it could otherwise be.

After several attempts to convince her that it was indeed sweeter with a man, she gave up. Tina stated categorically that unless she proved it, she would maintain her stand that Judy if not all ladies was the sweetest romantic object in the world as long as intimacy was concerned. She said that it didn’t matter whether a man or a woman did it and that her only concern was if she came to a serious climax. The climax factor was what made a difference to her. She was left with some sense of curiosity and since she had never had a boyfriend before, it would be hard for her to experiment. Judy, however, promised her that she would connect her to some nice romantic men she knew from the Oceanic beach.

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