Will You be Mine - Lily & Ruben

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Will you be Mine - Lily and Ruben Lilly and Ruben are a young couple we are sexually active and enjoying exploring their desires. In the background are to sets of parents. Lily's will go anything to split up their daughter's relationship, while Ruben's family adore Lily on sight. Will this young couple from a small town stay in love? Or will Lilly's parents win and tear them apart.?

Romance / Erotica
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Ruben is the man of my dreams. I adored him and he was bloody incredible in bed. I loved it when we tried different positions, each having control when we needed it.
At the moment it was my turn. My fingers were wrapped around his penis, just below his engorged head. I loved to tease and inspect it. His penis was cut and had no foreskin to push back. His slit was large and open, I could press my little finger into it and make him shudder.
Ruben wasn’t fully hard yet, there was no precum to rub into his silky cream skin while I stroked him up and down. I think we needed a lot more foreplay to get us going. The thought of his engorged purple head leaking cum and waiting to plough me deep was way more exciting than what I was holding at present.
Once he got going his penis would grow bigger, pushing my fingers apart until the tips were barely touching. I honestly couldn’t believe how much his penis grew, pulsating in my hand.
The length and thickness made me drool the first time I saw his manhood. It was standing there in front of me swaying from side to side as he approached me lying on his bed. In actual fact, I think I gulped at the thought of him putting his somewhat large shaft in my small vagina. Shuddering at the memory I lifted my eyes to his startling honey-toned eyes.
“Suck him,” he smiled, his right hand going around to the back of my head, gently pulling me forward
I opened my mouth, remembering to shield my teeth as he placed his penis inside my hot mouth, inch by slow inch. I flicked my tongue around the head, making sure I touched his sensitive spot under the tip. I always enjoyed his moans of pleasure. Pulling back to his tip I pressed my tongue into his slit. He jerked in shock his hands tightening in my black curls, my tongue came away with a taste of his cum. What flavour! I couldn’t wait for him to pump it down my throat.
My right hand continued stroking him, while I moved my left hand to his hairless balls. They hung nicely under his penis, large and full. My anticipation grew as I massaged them. I could feel his golden eyes on me waiting to see what I’d do next. He never forced me to do anything I didn’t want, though he knew my moves well. Tonight, I wished to surprise him. I stretched a finger towards his taint, pressing it gently, his penis jerked in my mouth so I moved slowly down his length, swapping my hands, the right one going to his balls while my fingers stroked and pressed his taint again, while the other one stroked over his anus.
At the first touch on his anus, he jerked forward, his penis hitting the back of my throat nearly making me choke, however, I was prepared and sucked him harder.
“Damn, Lilly,” he mumbled, his fingers stroking my midnight hair as my mouth continued to stroke his shaft. “What are you doing to me…Lilly,” he hissed as one of my fingers pressed against his anus. His fingers gripped my head, his hips jerking his shaft deeper into my mouth. I could feel it growing, pushing me wider until I had to pull off to his tip, sucking his pre-cum with delight.
“Love your taste,” I looked up at him, my eyes twinkling merrily.
I flicked my tongue faster over his thick shaft, encouraging his body to orgasm with slow deliberate steps. His balls started to draw higher, getting tighter.
“Lilly,” he huffed, his eyes closing. “Please,” he groaned at my ministrations.
I sucked his cock into my mouth one last time, massaging his balls thrusting one finger into his anus and he roared as he came, pouring his thick salty-sweet cum over my tongue and down my throat. His hips jerked wildly as I continued to thrust my finger into his ass. Finally, he slowed, his body shaking as he came back down from his high, his body collapsing onto our bed. I withdrew my finger quickly while finishing cleaning his shaft. Smiling I lay beside him, watching him in satisfaction of a job well done.
“Damn, that was the best,” he whispered in my ear, drawing my lips to his and kissing me deeply. “You are divine, Lilly.”
“I know,” I smirked. “Now it’s time you satisfied me.” I moved my left hand down to his shaft, encouraging him to grow. My pussy was wet and aching for his rod knowing the hammering he would give me would be sublime. I closed my eyes savouring the images.
“Don’t mind if I do,” he thrust his tongue deep into my mouth giving me an example of what he’d soon be doing to my pussy. I hummed around his tongue, sucking as if it was his shaft which my hand was still stroking.
He broke the kiss trailing across my throat and down into my breasts, sucking my soft skin leaving small love bites. My nipples hardened in anticipation of his mouth toying with them. They ached for attention making me moan. Lifting my hands, I tried to guide him to my buds only to have him chuckle. He grabbed my wrists pulling them away placing them on his bed holding them tight so I couldn’t move.
“Please,” I murmured, “they’re aching for your touch.”
“Soon Lilly,” he kissed down between my pert breasts and under each making me tremble with need. “I like teasing you, it makes me rock hard.”
He pressed his hips down into my pussy. I gasped at the hardness of his penis.
“I want you inside me,” I lifted my hips and got a smack for my pains.
“You shall, when I’m ready, Lilly.”
He suddenly bit down on one of my nipples, his fingers twisting and tugging the other. I gasped when he stretched the nipple between his teeth, biting my lip to stop my cry of pleasure.
Looking up at me, he grinned before making his way down to my pussy. I watched him lower his face and inhale my fragrance.
“You smell divine. I love your nakedness,” he pushed my legs wider apart inspecting my lush wet filled pussy waiting for him to eat out. I shuddered as a finger slid through my folds, dancing around my vaginal entrance. His head went down on me sucking my clit making me jump. It was only when he settled into laving my folds and clit that I noticed his finger or fingers were thrusting into my ass. I lifted my hips pressing against his mouth, letting him devour me. I whimpered the need to cum rushing over me.
He must have felt my body tense because he suddenly pulled away standing up, his eyes roving over my body.
He took hold of my legs dragging me to the edge of the bed rolling me onto my stomach. Lifting my hips, he pressed my shoulders down before spreading my legs and touching my juice filled pussy. I looked over my shoulder at his rock-hard penis.
“Take me.”
“I think I will,” he smiled pushing my face back on the bed.
A coolness touched my skin and I felt him rub oil over my ass and into my crack his finger making its way down to my vagina. His thick cock head pressed against my entrance when I felt something slide into my ass.
“I’m going to finish in there, Lilly.”
“B-but I’m not…”
“You’ll be fine. Your training has just begun.” Before I could say
anything, his thick length thrust to my core making me squeal as my tight muscles spread and tightened around him. He pulsated against my heated sheath. “You feel like velvet around my shaft, slick and silky. It pleases me.”
He pulled back, plunging deep and hard, the pleasure in my body growing wildly. I pushed up my hips taking him deeper.
“Harder,” I cried, desperate for my climax.
He penetrated me with his whole length, picking up my legs balancing them on his shoulders while I watched his shaft slide in and out, his hips connecting with my body. I saw his hand move to one side, next moment I screamed, my ass began to pulsate with the vibrator he’d placed inside me. I bucked up against him until he turned it off with a wicked smile. Then I felt the plug grow like he had an extra penis. On the opposite side of the bed, his fingers were pressing a button in a small gadget.
“You’re enjoying this aren’t you, Lilly.”
“W-what…oh my…” I wailed.
“I’m inflating the plug inside you so you’ll be able to…” he groaned, still slamming into me surely feeling the plug put pressure on his penis. “Damn, it feels incredible. I can’t wait to get in there.”
“My god,” I screamed my muscles tightened around him, trying to milk his cum.
“Yes Lilly, hold me hard, use those muscles,” he continued to plough my vagina while the plug stretched my ass wider. My body began to shudder, fire in my veins bursting through my body. I didn’t feel or see him push my legs wider, nor feel the removal of the plug. All I felt was his penis pushing me to my limits as I gasped my climax began to race through me. He swapped holes burying his shaft in my ass, which I barely noticed with my climax. All I really knew was he was still thrusting inside me. I screamed, my eyes blanking out, my orgasm climbing to the hilt. I felt him ejaculate a stream of cum, pressing against my butt, hips jerking until he tumbled across me, rolling to my side, his shaft slipping out. We lay there panting, letting our hearts slow.
“Wow, Ruben. You’re amazing,” I sighed turning to face him, kissing his lips.
“I know.” He chuckled. “I can’t get enough of you.” He tucked my dark locks behind my ear wiping his shaft with a wet wipe, tossing it in the bin. He looked down at me and smiled. “Will you marry me, Lilly?”
I lay there stunned staring into his honey eyes; his smile grew at my shock of his question.
“God. Yes…Yes…” I laughed as he pulled me against his body, tears streaming down my face.
I rolled on top of him, kissing him wildly until I was plunging my mouth over his cock again, sucking my taste off as he slowly pulsated and grew.
“Lilly,” he groaned arching his hips, his shaft sliding deeper. “Sublime.”
I popped off his penis crouching down and began suckling his large hairless balls while his shaft twitched harder against my face. I licked up to the head swirling my tongue in his slit, his fists tightened on the sheets as if he were in agony.
“This time I want you to cum deep inside me. I want your seed. I want your baby.” I began kissing up his stomach passed his naval, up between his nipples, licking his Adam’s apple as I approached his lips. My mound slid across his throbbing shaft as our lips joined in a heated kiss. I lifted my hips slowly, letting his penis rise up. Before he knew what was happening I pushed my vagina over his penis, my jaw-dropping. I sat up feeling his delicious rod widen me enjoying the slide down his length until my pussy was touching his balls.
Ruben held my hips his eyes meeting mine, desire exploding like fireworks when I began to rock back and forth, lifting my body up and down enjoying the feel of him throbbing, pushing my silky soft muscles aside to accommodate him.
“How does it feel?” I muttered.
“Like my shaft is wrapped in the softest velvet. Your heat is astounding making me feel like I’m in a cocoon.” He jerked his hips up making me hiss when he hit my core.
“Do it again,” I whispered, pressing down hard as he did so. “God it felt amazing.”
I sped up enjoying each thrust as our bodies met. He raised his hands up my sides, cupping my breasts beginning to massage them, his fingers heading for my hard nubs, tugging my dark nipples, my back arching pressing into his hands.
“Pierce them for me, darling,” he smiled.
“You get a Prince Albert and I’ll have my nips pierced,” I grinned. His face paled.
“Deal,” he hissed. I rocked harder, deeper when he suddenly rolled over, I landed on my back with a gasp finding my hips thrusting up accepting his girth enjoying his penis pounding me hard. Tugging my legs over his shoulders he grunted burying himself deep making me yell, my muscles clinging tight. He growled his release shuddering with our orgasms, our bodies slick with sweat as we collapsed, skin rubbing together, our chests heaving as we calmed our racing hearts.
“Damn, it was amazing.”
He rolled off me, sweeping me into his arms, spooning our bodies together, relaxing into sleep.

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