Will You be Mine - Lily & Ruben

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Annoucing their Engagement

Making love all night long meant our weekend started late. Rubens parents expected us for lunch today. On Sunday we would attend my mother’s—after church, of course. We hoped they would all be delighted we were going to get married. I’m looking forward to giving them the details.
I decided we should get married in the most daring way. I didn’t want a white wedding gown in a church nor did I wish for a garden wedding. I wanted something different, after all, I wasn't a girlie girl in any way, except form. My lush curves couldn’t be hidden. Our wedding would be different. Luckily Ruben agreed, well until I dished out the ideas streaming through my mind.

“Whoa, Lilly.” He laughed. “No way will our families agree.”
“If you want to marry me then I want my Rocky Horror/BDSM themed wedding,” I replied crossing my arms over my chest.
“Seriously. You know how old fashioned…”
“This is about us and our celebrations for our future, not our parents.”
“I tell you what, why don’t we have a small civil ceremony at the courthouse for our parents and then the wedding we want…you want…I’m still not sure…before or after?”
“You’d do this for me?”
“I’d do anything for you, sweetheart.” He grinned, twirling me around in his arms. “I love you, Lilly.”
“I love you oh so much, Ruben. I’m going to make you a penis glove, or a cod-piece like in history, I’ll even let you choose your own cock ring.”
“How about we collar each other as well? Have neck rings instead of…”
“Oh. My. God. Yes. That sounds amazing.” I squealed.
“What will you wear for the day?”
“Other than telling you it will be red for love, desire and as sexy as…sin, you’ll have to wait and find out.”
“I’d like to choose our collars. Perhaps you can give me some ideas?”
“Elegant and gold,” I kissed his cheek.
“I…I want to design them for us. A matching pair as if we were doing wedding bands.”
“Fantastic idea with divine art skills. God, I love you so much, Ruben.” I dropped to my knees in front of him my hand gliding over his shaft behind his zip.
“Stop, Lilly,” he gritted his teeth pushing my hand away. I fell back on my butt, lying there staring up at him. “What are you doing down there? Hadn’t we better go tell the parents about our engagement?” he chuckled.
“Your parents today, mum and my step-dad tomorrow.”
“Let’s hope this doesn’t get more complicated than what you want.”
“It’ll be fine. Just remember it’s our day to celebrate.”
“Yes, darling.”

Ruben drove us to his parent’s home. It was a large detached house with five bedrooms. I always found it weird considering Ruben was their only child.
Driving up the driveway, the shale stones crunched under the tyres as he parked his car. Now I was wishing I’d put flat shoes on. Heels and shale stones don’t mix. Before I could open the passenger door, Ruben was there, swinging me up into his arms making me giggle.
“Put me down you daft bugger.”
“Once we’re on the step.” He kicked the car door shut, bleeped his key to lock it and walked to the steps slowly lowering me down his body. We didn’t hear the front door open, we were to busy staring into each other’s eyes. A cough sounded, we looked up the steps. I bit my lip and Ruben flushed.
“Hey, Dad.”
“Afternoon Ruben, Lilly. Do come in,” he chuckled.
“Hi, Mr Clancy.”
“Honestly Lilly, call me Dad,” he smiled.
“Hi, Dad.”
Ruben’s mother rushed down the hall gathering me in her arms, hugging me hard. Letting go she pulled Ruben into her arms, he lifted her up, kissing her on the cheek while swirling her around making her giggle.
“Mum. Good to see you,” he settled her on her feet. His dad rolled his eyes at their antics.
“I’ve made your favourite lamb casserole, Ruben. I’m about to dish up, come on.” She grabbed our hands nearly dragging us down the hall to the dining room.
“Slow down hunny,” her husband said, laughing.
“We don’t see our son often enough,” she called over her shoulder. “Now come sit at the table and then we can catch up.”
Lilly sat across from Ruben with a brilliant smile. Ruben’s dad said a quick prayer and they began to eat. Ruben hummed in bliss.
“You’ll have to give me the recipe, Mrs Clancy,” I said.
“Family recipes stay with the family.”
“Good,” chuckled Ruben. “Coz Lilly’s going to be family. I asked her to marry me and she said yes.”
His parents looked at them in surprise, then at each other.
“Congratulations son,” said his dad.
“I’m going to have a daughter.” His mum squealed, shoving her chair back. Moving around the table she grabbed me in another hug. “May I help with your wedding? Oh, are you having an engagement party? Please say yes.”
“Ruben?” I smirked.
“Can we get back to you with party arrangements. We’ve not told Lilly’s mum yet.”
“Sure. Let me know. It would be lovely to have a party in the house again,” she giggled. Sitting down again, she finished her meal “I do hope you will.”
“What’s for dessert mum?”
“What do you think,” she chuckled.
“No way.” His eyes widened. “You’ve not made…”
“Well something told me today was the day to make something for your sweet tooth.”
“Mum,” he grinned following her out to the kitchen like a puppy.
“What did she make?” I said to his dad.
“What is…” I trailed off when Ruben and his mum reappeared with a white dessert with cream and fruit on top. “Wow.”
“Wait until you taste it. It’ll melt in your mouth,” said Ruben.
His mum sliced and served the dessert. They all watched as I took my first bite, my eyes closed at the flavours blended, the tart fruit with the sweet dessert.
“Humm…” I moaned making them all chuckle. “This is sublime.”
“Now you know why it’s my favourite.”
“Another recipe to learn.”
Finishing dessert, we all retired to the lounge, his mum made coffee and we relaxed.
“Do you have a ring?”
“Nope. We’ve not got that far…” I started to say.
Ruben placed his cup down on the coffee table and stood up with a grin. He went down on one knee. My jaw dropped, his mum’s eyes widened and his dad chuckled
“Actually,” he smiled. “I do have a ring for you.” He took a small blue velvet box out flicking open the lid. I looked down to find the most gorgeous ruby and diamond ring on a white gold band. “Will you marry me, Lilly?” He picked up my left hand, taking out the ring he looked me in the eyes.
He slid the ring onto my finger. It fit perfectly. I threw my arms around his neck, tears streaming down my face. I looked over at his mother who smiled.
“Congratulations son,” his dad slapped him on the back.
“I love you so much, Ruben,” I whispered in his ear.
“Love you too, babe.”
“Such an exciting day,” his mother clapped her hands. “We must take a photograph and then you could give me some ideas about what to do for your engagement party.”
“I’d like to wait until next time we see you. We can discuss over the phone about the engagement party. Lily’s mum can be involved if she wishes.”
I rolled my eyes. He didn’t know my mum. I’d intentionally kept him away from her claws.
“Good idea. Now go stand over there by the stairs. In fact, why don’t you stand up on one stair and have Lily looking up at you and don’t forget to show everyone the ring.”
“I love the idea,” I smiled kissing her cheek.
“Fine,” Ruben grumbled.
“Smile,” his dad chuckled as his wife snapped off some photos.
“Beautiful and so in love,” she sighed glancing through the images. “I’ll email them to you, Ruben.”
“Thanks, mum. We’d better get going. I’ve some work to do.”
“You work too much, Ruben,” I muttered.
He kissed the top of my head, taking my hand. Quick kisses to his parents and we were driving back towards home.

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