Will You be Mine - Lily & Ruben

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I turned, smiling at Ruben. “That was fun. I really like your parents.”
“Yeah, they’re cool. I can’t wait to meet your parents tomorrow.”
I folded my arms, sinking in my seat. I’d never liked my mother which is why I’d moved out at such a young age. She’d been a nightmare after my dad died in a motorbike accident.
“God help us,” I muttered.
“What? What’s the matter, Lilly?” he pulled into a picnic area parking under a huge oak tree. “Talk to me!”
“My mum is…hell. I don’t like her, she won’t help herself and the man she married after my dad died, is even worse. I feel creeped out when he touches me, which is part of the reason I stay away.”
“How does he touch you,” growled Ruben.
I turned to look at him, his eyes had darkened in anger, one of his fists clenched, knuckles white.
“I suppose in an office it could be equated with sexual harassment. It's just little touches here and there, nothing overly obvious. Mostly he creeps me out.”
“There’s no JUST about it Lilly. You should have told me,” he sighed releasing the wheel and resting his head back. “Come here,” he grabbed me around the waist straddling me over his legs. “If anyone touches you other than me, without our permission, you must tell me, Lilly.”
“I’ve not visited them in years.”
“Did you understand what I said?”
I pressed down on his crotch, gently rubbing up and down. “Yes, I understand,” I leant forward kissing him, enjoying the feel of his dick throbbing between my legs. “I love you,” I whispered against his lips.
He thrust his tongue deep into my mouth, sucking my tongue. I moaned, pressing against him harder, my hands rubbing over his shirt, trying to get inside to touch his hot firm muscles. His shaft grew bigger, he bucked up making me whimper, my pussy getting wetter with every touch. I was sure my knickers were soaked
“You. Are. Mine.” his hands drifted up cupping my full breasts, thumbs grazing over my covered nipples bringing them to hard nubs. My back arched into his hands, my long hair swaying over my back.
“I want you, Ruben.”
I pushed away from him, my fingers quickly opening his trousers taking out his large shaft. I began to stroke his cut rod with gentle strokes, waiting for the pre-cum to appear since we had no lube in the car.
“Feels good, Lilly. I want you to suck him.”
“Move your seat back, not to…” His seat jerked back. Thank god he was holding my hips or I would have fallen off his knees. I slid back to the floor, removing my top and bra while he pulled his trousers down and widened his legs. I leant forward inhaling his beautiful scent letting him massage my breasts, tugging the nipples making me gasp. My tongue flicked over his engorged head, diving into his slit. He jerked.
“Damn,” he tried to push into my mouth as I circled around his head, lapping around his sensitive patch under his shaft. He groaned, hips jerking. I held his thighs down, looking up at him from under my lashes. “Lilly, you’re killing me,” he moaned.
Taking a deep breath, I plunged over his length right to his root. “Fuck.” He gripped my hair as I caved my mouth, humming along his length, back and forth with my tongue while he throbbed harder, growing bigger, his tip weeping. I loved his sweet, salty taste and began to work harder when he yanked me off.
“Aww,” I giggled, licking my lips.
“I want inside you,” he lifted me onto his knees, pulling my knickers to one side and pulled me down over his giant girth pushing my sheath wide, stretching my muscles to full capacity
“God,” I whimpered, pushing down, rocking my body into place. “You fill me so well, Ruben.”
He grabbed my breasts, letting me ride him for a while, finally taking over, thrusting hard and deep. I had to bite my lip to stop my screams as I rushed to my climax, clenching around his shaft so tight he grunted and we came together, pressing hard against each other until I collapsed over his half-undressed chest to catch my breath.
“God Lilly,” he curled his arms around me letting me snuggle against his hot, damp body. I inhaled deeply, lifting up, stretching my arms back and up until they caught on the ceiling where I raked my nails across making him shudder. “Stop, I bloody hate it.”
“Toss me my top, we’d best get home.”
I pulled my top over my head rolling back into the passenger seat when there was a knock on the steamed-up window. I tried not to giggle as I pulled out my favourite paperback out of the glovebox, flicking my hair over my shoulder watching Ruben rolling down the window.
“Can I help you?” he looked up into the officer’s face.
“I was wondering the same thing,” he growled ducking his head looking inside their car. “You need to step out, sir.”
“Because I said so, and you too, Miss.” We looked at each other, shrugging our shoulders exiting the car. “I need your papers too, sir.”
I passed him all our paperwork, straightening up resting my arms on the top of the car watching the officer read the documentation.
“Is there anything else officer?” said Ruben.
“What were you doing here?”
“Resting. I don’t like driving when I’m tired, it’s too dangerous.”
“The lady?”
“My fiancée. Look what is this all about? We’ve not done anything wrong.”
“Careful with your temper there, sir.”
I moved around the car, leaning back against it beside Ruben.
“Can we go now? I’m getting cold and hungry.” I said.
The officer handed back Ruben’s paperwork with a grunt, nodding his head. “Off you go, be careful on the road.” He got back in his car and drove off. Ruben looked at me, pulling me into his arms.
“That was really weird.”
“Yeah. Don’t tend to see cops out here on Saturday’s.” I slipped out of his embrace, sliding into the passenger seat. “Come on, it’s getting cold and I’m hungry.”

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