Will You be Mine - Lily & Ruben

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Sargent Danvers arrived at the manor, knocking on the door he stood there waiting, his hands clasped behind his back. Hearing the door open his eyes flicked down to the pretty middle-aged woman.
“You have news?”
“Come sit in the parlour. I’ll order us some tea.”
“I can’t stop long, Mrs Cuthbert.”
“Fine, tell me what you found out.”
“They visited his parents yesterday for a late lunch. On the way home, they stopped at a picnic area. I had to leave for an emergency called into the office. When I got back the car windows were all fogged up. Pretty obvious what they’d been up to though by the time I knocked on their window both were sitting in their own seats. Your daughter was reading a book.”
“They had sex in his car?” she exclaimed. “Disgusting. God, what am I to do,” she stood pacing the parlour.
“I’m positive they did, you could smell…”
“Don’t, Danvers. I really don’t need to know.” Sitting down again, she clasped her hands, trying to calm her racing heart. “She was meant to remain pure for her marriage,” she murmured.
“Few remain pure these days, Mrs Cuthbert.” His radio beeped, he looked over at his friend’s wife, shaking his head. “I have to go.”
“Thank you,” she picked up her tea with shaking hands, sipping the hot black tea from her fine bone china. “I’ll let you know if I need anything else.” Nodding he left the house leaving Maria deep in thought.
“Not much you can do now,” said her husband. She looked up to find him leaning on the door jamb smirking. “Once it’s gone it’s gone.”
“Yes, well I know that, Adam. I can’t understand why she did this to me. She promised to wait.”
“Promises get broken all the time,” he strolled into the parlour, pouring some tea and sat down across from her. “Even we’ve broken promises to each other.”
“You mean you’ve broken promises,” she glared.
“Takes two to keep a marriage alive, Maria.”
“What time are they arriving for lunch tomorrow?”
“Noon. Unless they’re late.” He smirked
“Don’t be vulgar.”
“Stop trying to be something you’re not, Maria.” He snapped.
Wandering back to his office calling the maid to bring him a whisky. Entering with a smirk she placed his drink on his desk.
“Anything else, sir?”
“Isn’t there always, Trudi.” He chuckled. “Come here and please me and I’ll buy you a new necklace.”
“Sure,” he sipped his whisky watching her step across the carpet. She knelt between his leg opening his pants pulling out his half-hard cock. “Suck him, Trudi.”
Trudi began to stroke his thick medium length dick biting her lip so as not to giggle as its lack of length. It was no wonder he couldn’t satisfy his wife. Mind his girth was rather fat. Trudi moved her mouth over his engorged head and he soon hit the back of her throat as she licked and sucked him. At least he tasted nice.
Pulling off his cock she stood up, lifting her maids outfit moving her ass back towards him. He slapped it making her moan, his thick fingers grabbing her hips dragging her closer until his dick was dragging through her wet folds. His fingers delved into her sheath lining up his cock he jerked her back and down, her sheath swallowing his thick cock whole.
“Oh sir, you’re so big,” she moaned…playing her part. “Please, sir…”
“What do you want, Trudi?”
“Fuck me hard, sir. Make me cum,” she whimpered as he began to thrust inside her.
“How’s this darling?”
“Faster and harder sir. Yes sir, like that. More. Oh god,” she bounced on his knee, rocking as she hit his lap and he thrust. She felt his cock throb bigger and his small balls move. “I’m going to cum sir, please…Oh…” she let out a quiet squeal tightening her muscles around his girth pretending to orgasm.
“Milk me, Trudi. Yes,” he groaned thrusting one last time he spurted and relaxed happy with his mistress. Slapping her ass, Trudi slid off and out of the room, pulling her uniform back in place as he finished the last of his drink.

Why Maria cared so much about Lilly and her lack of virginity he was at a loss. Most girls lost them before marriage. He’d been trying to entice his stepdaughter when she suddenly left home. Now she was fucking god knows what. Getting back to work he ignored Maria until dinner was called.
“Adam you really should care more for our daughter. I can’t believe some horrid man has taken her virginity.” She shuddered. “What are we going to…”
“Nothing, Maria. We aren’t going to do anything. She left home… nearly four years ago now and you think she kept it until now. Don’t be bloody daft, woman.” He continued to eat.
“She rang while you were still in your office. She wants to introduce us to her boyfriend.”
“Bloody lovely.”
“Watch your language or God won’t forgive you.”
“You get dafter as you get older,” he sniggered.
“Well really,” she glared at him her bottom lip trembling. “I’m beginning to wonder why I ever married you.”
“Yeah big mistake wasn’t it,” he snapped shoving back his chair letting it fall back on the floor as he stomped out of the house and roared off down the drive in his car.
“Oh dear, what am I going to do?” she muttered and finished her meal knowing it was going to be another lonely night.

Ruben woke with a groan, his eyes flickering open he found Lilly twirling her tongue around the head of his shaft while her right hand stroked him. Leaning on his elbows he bit his lip, jerking his hip pushing his rod deeper into her mouth. She turned looking up at him from under her lashes.
“Damn fine way to wake up,” he groaned, pulling her off him and up his body. “Ride me, sweetheart.”
“With pleasure,” she kissed him sharing his taste as their tongues danced together.
Lifting up her hips, Ruben grabbed her pert buttocks while she stroked over his rod before plunging down with a hiss of pleasure.
“My big man,” she smirked, rolling her hips back and forth.
“Only for you darling,” he thrust up making her squeal. Lilly smacked his outer thigh. Smiling wickedly, he rolled over, pushing her legs over her shoulders and started to plunge deep to her core, stretching her vagina and enjoying her hot slick walls. “God so tight. I love your tightness,” he lifted her closer, Lilly arched her back taking him deeper, her breaths becoming gasps, her body drawing closer to climax.
“Harder Ruben. Please baby,” she thrust up against every slide of his shaft, pressing her body into his.
“I can do that. Won’t last much longer,” he whispered, his hands holding her tight. “Shit,” he pushed deep listening to Lilly’s breathing change, feeling her muscles clench him.
“Ruben,” she screamed, shattering, making him follow her with one last long hard thrust. He moaned hips jerking, his cum spurted her core. Releasing her legs, he dropped over her body, their sweat-slicked bodies rubbing together. Ruben rolled to her side, dragging her into his arms
“I love you, Lilly.”
“I wonder if you will after today’s lunch,” she sighed, smoothing her hands over his muscular chest, tweaking his left nipple. “I can’t wait for you to get them pierced. When are we doing this anyway?”
“Hang on there, Lilly. You’re having your nipples pierced and I’m,” he groaned when her hand curled around his throbbing shaft, “I’m getting a Prince… Damn,” he rolled over her, pushing his knee between her legs, lining himself up he thrust into her sheath again. “You are a naughty woman.” He stilled over her, watching her eyes darken with desire.
“What you going to do about it,” she smirked.
“This.” he grinned.
With slow languid movements he pulled his shaft out to the tip, Lilly squirmed, lifting her hips and receiving a smack on her thigh.
“Please Ruben,” she squirmed again.
“I’m going to enjoy this,” he slowly pushed his rod deeper until he was at her core, throbbing, stretching her muscles. Lilly curled her legs around his thighs, jerking her hips.
“I love it when you beg.” He withdrew to the tip, biting his lip in concentration. Leaning forward he laved her nipples.
“Faster. I need more,” she begged.
“Nice and slow this time babe.”
Her heels dug in, trying to push him back inside her vagina. He pulled out rolling her to her stomach, lifting her hips he slowly pushed deep, she tried to jerk back against him. He smacked her butt.
“Harder, Ruben.” She gasped, her body shuddering at his invasion. “I need you.”
“Slowly. Stay still or I’ll stop…God yes, you feel so much tighter this way.” He pulled out again, watching his shaft sink into her hole which stretched accommodating his thickness and length. “I love you so much darling,” his hands gripped her hips, his fingers digging into her skin he slowly plundered her body with slow even strokes. Feeling his balls draw up he slammed hard with the last penetration, his hips jerking. He roared her name pouring his seed into her body until he slumped over her back collapsing them both on their sides.
“I’ll get you back for that, Ruben,” she muttered closing her eyes, cuddling into his body.
“That’s the fun of us.” He kissed her cheek, holding her tight letting sleep claim him

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