I Got A Secret {girlxgirl}

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'ῳıɬɧơųɬ ყơų ı'ɖ ცɛ ʂơ Ɩơʂɬ' (GIRLxGIRL) Mel is an ordinary teenage girl but she has a huge secret she's been dying to get out. It consumes her mind keeping this away from her best friend. When she finally gets the courage and the guts to tell her best friend she is gay, what will happen?

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Chapter 1

Acceptance -

I guess I should probably start from the beginning when i first told Jo of the secret I had been hiding for so long, the day that would change things for me even though I didn't know it at the time.

Ever since I can remember me and my best friend Jo have told each other everything. We've been there for each other and offered advice when needed we've been through the happy times and the sad times together and we have memories that will last us a lifetime. I had something I hadn't told her though a secret that I had kept to myself all this time. I wanted to tell her so much but I had no idea how she would react. She has always been accepting towards me but I couldn't help but wonder.

We were talking on Facebook one night just about the usual stuff we would talk about and then Jo asked me something, she said, "So is there anybody you like then?"

I was taken aback. I mean we would often talk to each other about crushes but she never asked it outright before. I didn't know what to say so I replied saying, " Not really"

  I asked why she had asked and she then asked a question I was never prepared for and one that left me shocked for several minutes, she said, "Mel... Are you gay?" I had no idea what to do, how had she guessed it? How long had she known? I just sat there staring at the screen not moving. Half of me new this was ridiculous, just reply to the message but I couldn't do it. When I finally came back to reality she had sent me two more messages, "I hope you realize I wouldn't treat you any differently, you are still my best friend" and the next one read, "Please Mel... Answer me". 

I almost cried reading the messages and when I sent a reply, "It's true" I waited, it felt like an hour but it was probably only a minute.

" Why did you not tell me?" I stared at the message and spoke the truth when I replied.

"I didn't know how to and I didn't know how you'd react if I am honest."

"Mel I love you ok nothing would ever change that you do know that, right?" I smiled to myself slightly. I was so lucky to have her as a best friend, she was so understanding. For hours we just talked before I finally said I was off to sleep and I'd talk to her again tomorrow at school. I fell asleep happier than usual and looking forward to the morning.

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