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A girl has a crush on her bff but she moves away and they reunite years later.

Romance / Horror
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Chapter 1

"Get the hell out of bed," my mom exclaimed walking in my room.

"Mom, it's 5:57, why are you waking me up. My alarm is literally set for 6:00," I looked at her squinting when she turned on the light.

"I don't know just get up. I've been up for an hour, so get up," she stated before walking out.

I got up and went to the bathroom. When I got out I went to my closet to pick out a "first day back from break" outfit.

I decided on this:**

Once I was dressed, I went back to the bathroom and did my hair into to space buns. And did some light makeup.

I went down the hall to the stairs and slid down the banister. Laughing, I went into my "office" and got my school stuff together.

When I was done, I brought my stuff to the kitchen. I sat down at the table and my mom brought me a plate of waffles and bacon. Yum! I poured syrup all over both items, and pigged out. My mom laughed and ate her own breakfast.

When I was done I went to the hall bathroom and brushed my teeth. Then I went to get my stuff. I went out and got in my car with my stuff in the backseat. I then drove to my friend, Michaels house.

When I got there, I honked the horn about 20 times before he finally came out.

"Jeez, dude, you take forever," I whined.

"Well, looking this good is hard to achieve, and I mean, it takes time," he told me sassily.

I laughed and rolled my eyes. Then I drove to McDonald's where we both got large iced lattes. Once we got our drinks we went to the car laughing at the ladies monotone voice. I started the car and pulled off. After a minute Michael reached over and turned on the radio. As we pulled into the school we both were out of breath from singing. We got out and walked to the front door. When we got there we both went to our lockers, which just so happened to be on opposite sides of the school. After we parted ways, I arrived at my locker, only to find someone leaning against it.

"Carter move," I said rolling my eyes.

"Say please," he said smirking.

"Please," I said sarcastically.

"Nicely," he said, raising his eyebrows.

"Pwease," I said batting my eyes.

"Okay, fine cutie, now have you heard?"

He asked moving away from my locker.

"What?" I questioned.

I opened my purple and blue glitter ombré locker and put my unicorn backpack inside.

"We have a new student," he informed me.

"What is their name?" I asked whilst putting things away.

"Kevin," he stated.

"What does he look like?" I asked trying not to show my panic.

"Not he, she. Her name is Kevin Daniels,"

I slammed my locker shut and walked away leaving Carter looking startled.

I walked into first period a little distracted. Mr. Teacher Guy was standing at the front of the class writing on the smart board. I've had him for 3 years now in various subjects. I've honestly forgotten his name. It's something complicated and when I was a freshman I straight up told him I'd never learn his name, so he said I could call him Mr. Teacher Guy.

I went to my seat at the front of the classroom and sat down. I'll admit that I'm a bit of a teachers pet. I've sat in the exact seat in the front of his class every year. The rest of the class filed in, and a tall blonde girl walked up to the front. She introduced herself to Sir and he told her to find an empty desk. She arrived late, by the way. There were only 3 desks available. The one in the back beside the kid who was always high, the one on the opposite side in the back by the scary guy who never talks unless he says,"Meet me after school," and the seat that was, you guessed it, beside me. Obviously, she sat next to me. I'm the least daunting looking I guess.

Mr. Teacher Guy turned around and took attendance, skipping over my name, like always. He always knows whether im here or not. I may or may not have gotten his number in sophomore year so I could ask in regards to the assignments. He laughed when I asked, but gave it to me anyway. He told me to tell him in the event that I wasn't coming to school. That was the only rule.

"Alright, guys, so usually on the first day back we just jump right in, but since miss Daniels here is new *cough cough* and late she shall introduce herself before we get started," he added.

She stood up glaring and turned to face the class. Then she said,"Hey, my name is Kevin. Yes, I am aware that I have a boys name. My parents wanted a boy. I'm an accident and a disappointment. Ha👉🏻👆🏻👌🏻. Well anyway, I like girls. The end." And with that she sat down and got out her stuff.

Everyone stared at her for a good minute or 2. I put my head down and giggled. Finally, Mr. Teacher Guy cleared his throat and clapped to get everyone's attention.

"Okay, now that we have all soaked in that unnecessary bit of information, let's talk in regards to science." The class groaned at that.

"Kevin? Um, can I talk to you after class," I whispered.

"Sure, cutie," she smirked.

I felt my face get hot and I turned away. After a boring class period of randomly tuning in to the teacher in between staring at Kevin, the bell finally rang.

"Kayeleigh, let's gooooo," Kevin sang running to the swingset. I ran after her and hopped on the swing beside her. At thirteen years old, we probably shouldn't be at the kiddie park, but the "teen" park didn't have any swings, and that was our favourite part.

I looked over at Kev and giggled as she tried to do tricks in the swing. She looked down and stopped her swing. She pulled mine to hers and then pushed it away. We began to push each other so we were swinging from side to side. She grabbed a hold of my swing and pulled me to her. She pressed her forehead to mine and grinned.

She held up her pinkie and said, " best friends forever?"

"Best friends forever." I said latching my pinkie onto hers.

Then she did something unexpected. She kissed my nose and then ran away.

"Kayeleigh!" Kevin exclaimed.

"Huh, what?" I said snapping out of my trance.

"Let's go already," she laughed.

I stood up and gathered my stuff. When I was done, I followed her out.

"So, what did you wanna talk in regards to?" She asked as we walked to our next classes, which happened to be right next to each other.

"Um, it's kinda too long to explain now-" I was cut off.

"Kayeleigh," she laughed, " I remember you too,"

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