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Priyamvada , a 21 year girl who lost her family in an accident. All the relatives left her when she desperately needed the support at that time and joined her in an orphanage.... With new hope she started her career in the city.... ... .. .... What happened when Karthik enter into her life. Did he bring colour to her life or he pushed her into darkness ....

Romance / Drama
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Priyamvada , a 21 year girl who lost her family in an accident. She become an orphan from the time she lost her family members. All the relatives left her when she desperately needed the support at that time and joined her in an orphanage. She completed her graduation through the sponsor of the orphanage. She got selected in one of the reputated company, Elite planners in Hyderabad.

From childhood, she worked very hard to achieve her goal. With all new hope in her life she started her career. She will able achieve her dreams and happiness …………..

********Priya POV******

Recently I did my diploma course in event management and selected as assistant event manager in one of the reputated company, Elite planners. I am afraid of loneliness so I always involve myself in work or hangout with my friends. My best friends are Shreya and Vamshi, they both were classmates from my intermediate.

This is the first time, I am going out from my hometown to join for job in Hyderabad. I don’t know how my future will be but I am going to miss my friend, shreya and her family. Whenever we had festivals, I used to go to shreya’s house. Her parents treat me like another daughter. I felt bad to leave all of them but I have no other option as I am an orphan and I have to build my career and my life myself. My friend, vamshi came along with me to hyderabad as I have no one to take care about staying in Hyderabad.

Finally, I joined in my office and the hostel is a just ten minutes walk from our office. I anxious about my future how I will adjustment in the new environment. Vamshi stayed along with me only for one day. I cried when he was returning back. It took me to adjust two months with mingle with all colleagues. In my workplace , I become close with one of my colleague, swetha. In one word, I can say about her, a chatter box. But Our boss is an old age person with good principle, his name is Mr. Ramana Murthy. He used to treat all employees with respect.

Slowly I learnt work from our seniors who always supportive to me. I made myself comfortable with my colleagues and hostel friends. When I came to this city, I felt weird about the people lifestyle because I never get chance to go outside rather than our orphanage and college. Our head of our orphanage was an orthodox person and he cares about our safety. So he never gave permission for outing.I am gradually getting habituated to this life style as we have to organize different events as per clients choice.

After I joined in the office, we got a big event to organise and that too the client was close friend of our boss son, Mr.Arvind. My senior instructed me to get the information of the client preference that how to organize. As I am new to the city, it was difficult for me to reach the client office. It was a huge building, I am very anxious to enter inside the office. I asked help desk person to arrange meeting with the client. That lady informed me to wait as board meeting is going on. I smiled at her to cover nervousness. I checked the time, I was waiting from two hours but there was no call from the client. Again I went to help desk to inform as I was waiting to meet from long time. I got frustration with the client behaviour , just to tell their preferences and taste. He was making me to wait.

I was cursing that person in my mind. Meanwhile I got a call from help desk that I have go to seven floor to meet our client. I am a claustrophobic person who fears of closed space but praying God in my mind, I entered the lift. Even though I am chanting prayer in my mind, scream came out from my mouth. Without my knowledge I clutched the unknown person and hide my head on his chest in the lift. After few seconds, I realised ……

“ I am sorry, I am claustrophobic person” I apologize bending my head.

“ it’s okay, what are you doing here?” he asked.

“ I came to meet MD of this company as I am an Asst event manager and here to take his preference on the event” I answered.

“ All the best” he wished.

Then I raised my head to see his face. He was so handsome with beard and almost 6 feet. I never saw such a handsome guy in my life that I couldn’t roll my eyes from him.

“ Are you nervous? “ he asked me.

Hmmm… I nodded my head straight..

“ Be confident.” he wished with bright smile.

As lift door opened I came out quickly. Without looking behind, I informed one person that I came to meet Mr. Karthik and I introduced myself as Priya came from elite event planners.

Suddenly the person I was talking stood straight with someone behind me and greeted him. I turn my head to see who it was. I was amazed to see the same person in the lift I came along. .

“ sir, she came here to meet you” he informed that person.

Then I understood, he was none other than Mr. Karthik, managing director of the company….

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