Silence [COMPLETE]

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and i'm the prey.

I didn't want to take the medicine, but he wouldn't leave me alone until I did.

I hated medicine. It smelled funny and tasted icky, and I always tried to get out from having to take it, but he made me. He always made me.

On a standard day, I had to take three pills a day. One after breakfast, one after lunch and another after dinner. I didn't know what was wrong with me or why I needed to take them.

All I knew was that I hated taking them, but he was always there to make sure that I did.

Sometimes I would pretend to take it when he was looking, but I wouldn't swallow it. I would go and spit it out in the bathroom instead, but he would know. He would always know.

Now that I was ill, there was even more medicine that he was making me take. Why couldn't he just understand that there was nothing wrong with me?

He made sure that I ate the food that he gave me. He would call me back and try to get me to eat some more if he believed that I hadn't eaten enough. Recently, he's been calling me back every day.

I wasn't allowed to stay in bed past eleven, only when I was ill. Like today.

He would call me and stay in my room until I woke up and got out of bed. Usually, his face was the first thing that I would see every morning when I woke up.

No matter how handsome he was, I hated it.

I hated him.

I was only allowed in the garden when he was home. He wouldn't let me leave the house. I wasn't allowed to eat junk food and drink soda all day. I had to get dressed every morning and get changed into my pyjamas at night. I hate to put up with him on a daily basis.

I couldn't do anything, not without him.

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