Silence [COMPLETE]

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i feel caged.

He stared down at the angel lying on the bed, her auburn locks sprawled over the pillow and the comforter tucked under her arms. Her long, black eyelashes barely kissed the top of her high cheekbones. Her face was a ghostly white, paler than before when he had thought that she had a fever and much paler than the usual sun kissed complexion.

Her eyebrows remained arched even in her sleep, as if she was mocking someone. Her nose was slightly pointed, destroying the otherwise symmetrical features of her face. She had a deep set cupids bow that define her dark, ruby coloured lips. Dark shadows lay under her eyes, deepening and increasing in colour day by day.

She was much thinner than she used to be, he would know.

It pained him to see all the wires and tubes that were connecting her to the all the medical machines and contraptions. One of the nurses had demanded that he take a seat after they got fed up of him always standing in the way.

It was a mere miracle that he was able to drive to the hospital without crashing, what with the way that he was driving over the speed limit, the whole time his eyes fleeting from the road ahead and the image of her unconscious on the backseat by access of the interior mirror. If he hadn't been able to make it on time...

He didn't want to think about that possibility.

She could have gotten hurt. She could have broken something. She could have slipped into a coma and not woken up for days, weeks or even months.

She could have died.

The beeping sound of the heart monitor and the slow, almost non-existent rise and fall of her chest was the only reassurance he had left.

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