Silence [COMPLETE]

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i just want to be let out.

"How can you even suggest something like that?" he barked, fists clenched and eyes blazing with a fire so ferocious and deadly that the doctor feared that he would burn her, and so she took a step back and gulped warily.


"And that's all it was, just a suggestion." She lied, her voice shaky and barely above a whisper as she looked up at the man who looked like he wanted to kill her. Lying was the only way that she could save herself now.

"How dare you?!" He seethed.

"It would be a great prospect for research basis. Think of the possibilities!" The doctor exclaimed, her voice much stronger and louder than before as her mind raced in all directions, imaging all of the things that she would be able to study and discover.

"I am thinking of the possibilities!" He shouted at her, his voice large and domineering; commanding. "I'm thinking of all the possibilities of how I can throw you out of this house."

"I don't see what the problem is. I mean, Mrs-"

"Don't say her name." He growled, his voice deep and throaty as his anger increased ten-folds. "Don't you dare say her name." He warned her, gritting his teeth.

He paused, closed his eyes and spread his fingers wide against the side of his thighs attempting to calm himself down just how she used to make him. He took a few deep breaths and counted to ten in his head, but the anger was still there, not showing any signs that it would diminish any time soon. It was different then, he had her to calm him down but now, she was unconscious and the incompetent doctor wanted to play God with her life.

"Get out." He stated, his voice firm and quiet. But she heard him. "Get out and don't ever step foot into this house again." He instructed her and watched her leave the room.

The few nurses in the room remained quiet and watched brooding man as he remained glued to his spot, not moving. It was only when the sound of an engine and a car pulling out of the drive resonated through the air and to his ears did he unclench his fists once more and take a few deep breaths to calm him down.

She could no longer take care of him and so he had to take care of himself in order to make sure that she would one day fully recover.

Ignoring the nurses in the room and all the wires and tubes that were pierced through her skin and under her nose, he sat down on the bed.

Cupping the side of her face with his right hand, he leaned forward on the bed looming over her, resting his weight on his elbow. He closed his eyes and rested his forehead against hers, a few tears escaping as he silently cried. "I won't let anyone hurt you." He whispered against her skin as he placed a soft, lingering tender skin on her forehead. "I promise you."

He didn't care that the nurses were speculating and that one of them or that one of them had even shed a few tears herself at such a loving gesture.

All he cared about was her.

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