Silence [COMPLETE]

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i want to smell the air

She had spent the last day staring up at the ceiling, only moving when she needed to shift into a more comfortable position. She hadn't left the bed unless she needed to use the bathroom, and even then she needed his help to get there. She had put her foot down when he asked her to leave the door open just in case she needed him.

She couldn't consume more than a few mouthfuls or some soup before she felt the need to throw it up.

She was too weak to take care of herself.

She hated feeling this way.

He had told her that she was suffering from some virus and that she would be getting better soon, a week at the most. But she knew better.

She had heard him talking on the phone to her ex-doctor when he thought she was asleep.

She wasn't.

He had threatened to sue the doctor and she had listened silently as she heard the faint murmur of the doctor begging him not to do so.

He hung up on her and then leaned back on his chair with his eyes closed, his breaths short and shallow. She had opened her eyes then and noticed that he had fallen asleep in what appeared to be in a very uncomfortable chair.

His hair had grown longer and unruly, as if hadn't brushed it in a week. The stubble on his chin had begun to resemble a small beard, almost as if he hadn't shaved in quite a while. He had dark shadows under his eyes that stood prominent against his sun-kissed, barely there tanned skin tone. His cheeks had hollowed a bit and it appeared as if this was the first time that he was sleeping in a long time.

And despite all that, he still looked handsome.

He was never going to do it. Sue her, that is. She was absolutely sure of it because she had been living long enough with him to know that he had too good of a heart to do such a thing.

A part of her was glad that she was still alive and kicking, and that she had him to rely on. But another part of her, the dark and broken part of her silently wished that the doctor had slipped up bigger and harder, and that the change in drugs that she had been issued had done more than just knocked her out temporarily.

Staring out the window, she sighed. 

She just wanted to be free. 

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