Silence [COMPLETE]

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i want to live,

Sighing, he sat down slouched on the sofa, his hair unruly after having pulled at the ends of it in frustration many times and the soles of his feet paining as he propped them up on the coffee table after having thoroughly washed them of all the previous dirt that they had been immersed in.

He spread his arms across the back of his luxurious black leather couch and tilted his head back and allowed his eyes to droop; allowing himself a few minutes of relaxation before he headed upstairs.

Not even a few minutes had passed before he had fallen asleep.

She watched from the top of the stairs making sure to remain quiet just in case she woke him up. That wouldn't do her any good as he would just send her back to bed with a glass of milk.

She felt the need to grin at having remembered the way which he had chased her all around the house and the garden. A little giggle escaped as the image of his panic stricken face flashed through her mind when she had reached the bottom of the stairs and turned around to give him the finger.

He only ran down the stairs after her quicker.

It sure was fun to have him chase her all around the house, something which had bothered her slightly as if she was remembering something that she couldn't quite remember. But he hadn't enjoyed it. Not one bit. Now with the way that he was gripping the bottle of pills and pummelling through the rain after her barefooted, calling after her that it was time to take her medicine.

She knew that a small part of her was concerned with how tired he looked but the larger part, the part that hated him, didn't care. She didn't care about him now and she definitely wouldn't care about him tomorrow but for now, she headed back to her room and grabbed her blanket from the bed.

She didn't make any sound as she threw the blanket over him and tucked him in, making sure that it went all the way up to his neck, but that meant that his toes were sticking out. She couldn't do anything about that, he was too tall for her blanket.

She was aware that she had given a hard time but she didn't care. Not about him. Not now, not ever.

With one last lingering look which she would have mentally kicked herself before if she wasn't tired and confused, she headed upstairs.

Nothing had changed. She still hated him. Immensely. 

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