Silence [COMPLETE]

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but he won't let me go.

She blinked back against the bright light and clouded an arm over her eyes as they adjusted to the sudden light. Funny, she's never forgotten to pull the curtains before sleeping before.

Rolling away from the light and the window, she sighed in content as she snuggled into the warmth of the side which was still nestled in darkness.

She pulled the black sheets up and tucked them under her chin, closing her eyes at the feel of the smooth, expensive silk against her skin

The only problem was that her sheets were white, not black.

Her eyes flew open and she darted up in bed.


All the furniture in the room was a dark mahogany matching the clean, sleek dark brown floor. The black curtains were not drawn over the window and she could see her ruffled just-woke-up reflection in the mirror of the wardrobe opposite her. The only spec of colour in the room was the white of the fluffy rug on the floor and the light pink that had dawned over her cheeks as she realised her mistake.

This wasn't her room.

This was his room.

She must have come in her last night mistakenly believing it to be her room, but how could she have made such a mistake? In the last eight months that she had been trapped in here, not once had she stepped foot in this room so why now?

She knew that she detested him and that she would only ever be able to be happy when she was the furthest away from him, but she had felt something when she was snuggled deep in his bed under his black silk sheets. She had felt something...odd, different. Familiar.

She had felt the most at home than she could ever remember feeling. She had felt warm, content, protected, safe. But most of all, she had been happy.

If she was in his bed, then where was he? The man had been smart enough not to join her under the sheets, she had to give him that.

After forcing herself to climb out of the sanctuary that was his big, luxurious four poster bed, she grabbed a pillow which smelt an awful lot like him. She could smell the spice and the musky smell of the earth, something which he always seemed to smell like.

She couldn't help but take one long whiff from the pillow as she walked downstairs.

And there he was.

Lo and behold, still sleeping on the sofa with his arms spread over it and his head lolled back with the blanket wrapped tightly around him. His toes were sticking out of the end of it, just like she had left him.

Surely that position wasn't comfortable.

There was this feeling in her heart that she couldn't quite decipher.

Pursing her lips, she frowned but still made her way towards him.

He was heavy and muscular and so it took her quite some while to position him on the couch so that he was finally lying down with his head resting on the pillow.

Subconsciously, his hand latched onto her wrist as she tucked him in and in that moment, the breath flew out of her and it was as if she was trapped, transfixed in that moment. She couldn't move and she didn't know what to do.

Well, she wanted to crawl in under the blanket with him and snuggle into his chest, but she ignored that part of her and blamed it on the fact that she hadn't had breakfast yet.

She wanted to pull away from him, but she couldn't.

She couldn't help but stare at him. His jawline was so sharp, so sleek. His nose bent at a slight angle, so slight that you wouldn't notice it unless you were looking for. His hair was tousled and messy and fell over his forehead and covered his eyes.

She couldn't help herself when she reached and brushed away the intruding strands so that she could take him all in.

She froze, her hand stuck in mid-air as he stirred and snuggled his face deeper into the pillow, clutching her hand to his chest. "Don't ever leave me." He mumbled in his sleep, probably not even aware of it.

Well, it was probably better that he was asleep because then he wasn't able to see the hatred and annoyance that had instantly washed over her face as she heard those words.

And he didn't feel the pain when she yanked her hand away from and stomped into the kitchen.

But he was awake, and he had witnessed the whole thing.

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