Silence [COMPLETE]

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and a life of my own.

He couldn't help but stare at her. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't tear his eyes away from her.

It had been days since she had woke up and made breakfast for herself and since then she had been cleaning the house, cooking meals for herself, taking her medicine on time without having to be reminded or forced by him. She washed her own clothes and even dried them. Even this morning she was wearing a soft woollen dark maroon sweater in place of the usual black attire that she was usually dressed head to toe in.

It was like she was a new woman. Or in this case, the woman that she used to be.

A lot had changed about her in the span of a few days, but one thing that remained constant was her hatred for him. Well, in this at least she didn't express this hatred. Rather, she chose to ignore him completely, acting as if he didn't exist and that he didn't live in the same house as her.

He would woke up every morning to the smell of some lavish, rich breakfast which she had cooked up for herself. He would sit and watch as she tucked into her meal, hungry but not with enough time to make himself anything so he usually chose cereal or a breakfast bar if he was really short on time, the same morning routine that he had adopted over the past nine months now.

He would return home from work to find the kitchen sparkly clean, the faint smell of dinner in the air but once again, there was nothing left for him so he grabbed a pot of instant noodles from the cabinet.

By the time he was finished cooking and cleaning up after himself, she would head into the kitchen for a cup of coffee. Nearly every day she would brush past him and not react despite the tingle that would sizzle between them

He would watch every night as she took her medicine, willingly gulping it down with her coffee.

She really had changed.

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