Silence [COMPLETE]

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i never want to see him again,

Just like any other day, he's always lurking around her, looking for the right opportunity, any oppurtunity to make conversation.

But there's something she's picked up recently.

Instead of glaring at him, or even throwing something at his head, she just ignores him.

He absolutely hates it. Meaning that she loves it.

Surprisingly, the days have been passing quicker and far more pleasantly for her. She still wasn't allowed to leave the house, or any freedom for that matter but for once, it didn't matter. What mattered was that she was happy and she had begun taking care of herself.

She had to admit, there was a sense of satisfaction that came along with cooking for herself and sneakily watching him glancing hungrily at her food. There was also that feeling of contentment that came along with doing things herself, like taking her medicine without being told.

She still had no idea why she had to take the medicine or what it was for, but it seemed to make her feel better, happier now that she was actually eating.

She had always hated him, but she used to hate being alone when he was at work and the house maid had the day off. Now, she revelled in the time alone.

She was sure that he didn't know yet but she had given the maid the boot and now she did all the cleaning and chores.

Honestly, it felt good to be busy and to have something to do. It took het mind off...everything.

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