Silence [COMPLETE]

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and i think he's finally realising that.

She was enjoying her new life.

Even though she was still stuck living under the same roof as him, she was making the best of a bad situation and she couldn't help but wonder why she hadn't done this earlier. It wasn't so bad living with him when she constantly ignored his presence around the house.

He hadn't been bothering her lately. He hadn't been hovering around her as much now that she was taking her medicine by herself and actually looking after herself.

Every morning she would hum as she cooked breakfast for herself, a spark inside of her igniting and growing as each day passed.

She would clean around the house, do some gardening if she had time and then she would sit down and watch some of the new shows that she had recently discovered on the Netflix account that he had made for her.

She didn't catch him out when she saw a note on the fridge one day with her username and password. Though she was grateful that he had given her something to do.

Her resentment towards him didn't matter so much anymore because for once, she felt alive.

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