Silence [COMPLETE]

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he showed me some pictures,

"I have to show you something," he informed her as he entered the kitchen.

She was making breakfast as per usual and didn't acknowledge his presence, almost as if he wasn't standing right behind her.

"It's really important," he explained, begging. Much to his dismay, she ignored him once again and continued to eat her eggs in blissful ignorance.

Knowing that she would continue to ignore, he grabbed her wrist and tugged forcefully on it. The bowl if feel onto the floor and made a mess at her feet but he couldn't care less. She swivelled around in her seat and glared at him, shock evident on her face.

That was the only reaction that he had managed to elicit from her in the past few weeks...and now his biggest achievement.

Finally, he thought to himself but didn't dare voice his thoughts out loud. She would probably go back to ignoring him, and before she could do just that, he tugged on her wrist once again and dragged her upstairs and to the left.

Her lips twisted down in a frown as she scowled at his back, but she had given up resisting against him as soon as she saw where he was taking her.

At first she thought that he was taking her to her bedroom but soon realised that it was actually the room next to hers.

The one that he always kept locked.

Only when they had come to a stop in front of the locked room did he let go of her wrist. Turning around to face her, he sent her a pointed look. "Stat here," he ordered her, his voice firm with command.

Scowling once again, she glared at his back as he unlocked the door and pushed it open slightly; only so much that he was able to pass through but small enough that she couldn't see past him and his large frame and broad shoulders.

She heard some faint rustling coming from the room and the sound of a few drawers being pulled open and then pushed closed. And then the door opened and he was back in front of her again; closing the door skilfully so that she was unable to see past him and feast her eyes on the secrets which he had kept under lock for the past year.

He didn't lock the door this time.

"Here," his voice was husky as he pressed a thick envelope into her hands. "I've been thinking about it a lot lately and I want you to have this."

Looking down at the small yet thick white envelope that he had pressed into her hands, she sent him a questioning look but this time it was him that ignored her.

Turning the envelope over, she did a double take as read and re-read what was written on it.

It was in her handwriting.

Not waiting around for his permission, she carefully pried open the envelope flap and pulled out its contents.


Nearly all of them were of him and her together. They looked happy.

A strange feeling prodded at her as she carried on flipping through the photographs. As they went on she soon realised a theme. Him. And her. In love. Content.

They were all really intimate pictures, and looking at them sent a foreign shiver down her spine. In some they were hugging, holding each other. In others they were kissing and caressing each other softly.

He looked different now than he did in the pictures. They both did.

He looked tired and older now, almost as if he carried the weight of the world on his shoulders, nothing like the cheery and carefree version of him that lived through the pictures.

It was only when she neared the end of the pile did he manage to elicit yet another reaction from her.

She gasped as she watched her stomach get rounder and fuller in the pictures. She watched as the foreign couple beaming with life as they celebrated their joy and happiness. She couldn't help but stare at the way that he caressed her fully rounded stomach.

Almost as if he was happy.

And then she reached the last picture.

It was ultrasound picture of a baby, all his features fully formed and established. This baby was clearly nearly ready to join the world.

"Jonathon?" Her voice was raw and croaky; the sound of it familiar to her ears yet not quite so much as she hadn't used it in what felt like an eternity, but tears still sprang to his eyes.

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