Silence [COMPLETE]

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and a video.

She couldn't help but stare at the room as he opened the door for her; and he couldn't help but stare at her.

Her eyes flitted all around as if she couldn't take it all in. She glanced from one heavily decorated wall to the other, her eyes finally landing on the large wooden crib that stood tall but empty in the middle of the room. Baby lights hung from above and the stuff toys scattered the very bottom of mattress, resting peacefully and untouched on top of a light fluffy blue blanket with silver stars, moons and spaceships embedded into it in illuminating thread.

The blanket looked new and unused.

The walls were painted a creamy white, but the animals in the zoo inhabited one wall, the one where the door was located. The animals ranged from the black and white striped zebra to the huge elephant and then the might lion who stood tall and proud in the middle of the wall, the other animals surrounding him. The wall next to it, on the left carried the fishes of the sea as they swam and played, the silver of the scales glistening; appearing as if they were almost real.

The wall to the right had green luscious grass, curvy hills and pointed mountains. The beauty of nature evident. The wall behind the crib was a simply frenzy of patterns and shapes with a few multi coloured number thrown in.

But it was the ceiling that was the true wonder. It had been a mere thoughtful suggestion from her at first.

He had called in a team of painters and within the week, his surprise for both her and their baby boy was ready. The wall above their heads was a dark, silky black being the background with a litter of stars, plants, comets and the moon decorating it. The stars shone brightly in the dark, illuminating the red of Mars and the ring of Saturn. There was a shimmery glow surrounding the moon which made it stick out from the rest.

Whenever their baby woke up, this would be the first thing that he would see. That was the idea.

She had cried when he had shown her this a year ago and now, it was him who had a few tears threatening to pass the dam and roll down his face.

She just stared silently, in wonder, lost in her own world.

"It's time you saw this," he spoke to her softly and walked over to the dainty cabinet in the room. Pulling open the top drawer, he picked up a small camera which she had never seen before.

Within a few moments, she was sat down on the rocking chair next to the baby crib with him standing behind her, holding the camera in front of her.

It started off as a black screen before the small window of the camera flickered to life. She recognised the couple on the screen straight away.

Him and her. Together. Happy.

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