Silence [COMPLETE]

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of him, and me.

She didn't speak when the people on the screen came to life. She didn't move when she saw him wrap his arms around her waist and kiss her neck or when she smiled and leaned back into him as they posed for what was probably the camera man. He was dressed in a very expensive tailored suit, his beard not as long or rough as it is now. She was dressed as exquisite as him, if not more. Her gown was white and silky, the end of it trailing behind them as the video carried on playing. She giggled when he tickled her side and pinched his hand when they trailed lower than what was appropriate in public.

He merely looked up at the cameraman and winked, the other man in the video chuckling to himself as he snapped some more pictures.

"Eww, man!" A familiar voice came from a place unknown to her at the current moment. The screen shook slightly, as if the person holding the video camera shuddered at the scene playing out in front of him. "You may be married to my baby sister now but I don't want to see that."

She had heard the voice before, hence it was familiar. But she just couldn't figure out who it was.

She giggled and pulled away from the embrace of her husband. She couldn't see at the time, but his lips turned down into an adorable frown as she walked away from his, his hands slumping at his sides as he watched her walk over to the cameraman, her brother.

The screen then turned around at that moment, revealing the man behind the camera.

It was him.

He had introduced him as his 'friend' at the time, but it was only now that she was learning the entire truth of it. Yes, the two men were indeed friends but besides that, he was her brother. Her big brother. She had always wondered why he came over to visit and sit with her so often when he was his friend, but she didn't say anything. She had always been confused about it, but didn't care enough to break silence.

But it all made sense now.

They didn't realise at that time but the photographer had followed her and was then clicking some more pictures as she hugged her brother, sniffling slightly into his shoulder. It was only when the pictures were printed and delivered to them were they able to enjoy the beautiful shots of the brother and sister hugging, him smiling down lovingly at his sister and the delicate kiss that she had placed on his cheek.

Her mind nagged at her, a faint memory coming to mind. A few pictures flashed to mind as the video of her and her brother seemed so if she remembered.

He stood behind the chair and watched her, tears streaming down her face. He didn't stop her as she took the video camera out of his hands and held it gently in her delicate hands. He didn't mind that she had tuned out and was staring at the camera screen, engrossed in the video.

He merely stood behind her, knowing that she needed this.

He watched too as one video finished and another started.

This video was of her brother's birthday. She had thrown him a surprise party and he had baited him over under the pretence of wanting to spend the evening playing video games and drinking some beer as celebration of his 25th birthday.

She looked so beautiful. So happy. So full of life.

The videos came one by one. Work events. Social gatherings. Parties. Their honeymoon. And finally, her pregnancy.

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