Silence [COMPLETE]

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i lost my baby,

After a while, she just paused the video and turned the camera down in her lap.

She couldn't deny any of this, even if she wanted to. Which she didn't.

There was so much evidence putting both him and her together. A happily married couple whose relationship was just blooming -hell, there was even a baby on the way, and soon by the looks of things- when things just came to an end.

"What happened?" She asked, using her voice for the second time both that day and that whole year.

He closed his eyes and rubbed his jaw while he thought of what to say. Even though he just wanted to keep quiet and bask in the smooth undertone of her rough, hoarse voice, he couldn't. Not when she had taken a hold of his wrist and pulled him so that he was now stood in front of her instead of behind her.

He couldn't help but close his eyes and hang his head when she directed a pair of questioning eyes at him, demanding answers; the urgency and raw need evident.

Lowering himself onto the ground, he rested on his knees as he leaned forward and rested his head on her lap, his face turned towards the side. He closed his eyes, a lone tear crawling down his face from the corner of his eye.

She didn't push him away upon first contact or complain and him crying and getting her clothes wet, and for that, he was grateful. He didn't even what he would do if she had pushed him away.

She froze in that moment, but upon instinct, her hands reached and buried themselves in his thick obsidian strands, the feel of it both soft and silky under her touch. She had acted upon instinct, as if she had done this a million times before.

Looking back at the video, the baby room and the pictures, she probably had.

She had a life with him, a happy and peaceful one at that. She couldn't deny that fact, nor did she want to. She was pregnant and they were both overjoyed with the idea of starting a family. But what happened? What happened to her son? Why couldn't she remember him, her brother or their baby? Why couldn't she remember who she used to be?

She wanted to be that person again. She wanted to be happy and peace with herself. She didn't want to hate him, not anymore, it was just too tiring. It took too much effort to hate him and even then, it was all an act; a wall that she had instinctively built to protect herself. But from what, she didn't know.

Her hands were still wrapped around his thick silky strands, finding a little solace knowing that he was close.

"What happened?" Her voice was louder this time, strong, more powerful. She was demanding answers, no longer quiet and meek. "Where is our baby not with us?"

He raised his head off her lap, but didn't look her in the eye. His Adams apple bobbed up and down slowly. He winced at the action, almost as if he was in pain.

"You had an accident."

His voice was low, quiet, almost as if he hadn't intended for her to hear. He had whispered the words, but it was out now.

She had finally learned the truth. 

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