Silence [COMPLETE]

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i lost my past and hate my present

He carried on sobbing into her lap, his arms wrapped around her slim waist as he cried for their loss once again. It had been a year since he had lost his son and his wife, despite her living under the same roof as him.

She had spent the last year hating him and he had spent it protecting her from herself, making sure she took her medication on time.

She tuned out from the world, yet her hands remained on his hair. She let him cry, she allowed him to be vulnerable and she accepted his tears. It was clear that this whole situation wasn't his fault no matter how much she wanted to believe that it was.

It was out of his hands.

They had lost their baby a year back in a horrific car accident and she had lost her memories. She hadn't remembered him when she awoke from her surgery. She had detested him completely when he forced her to stay with him, when he forced her to take her medication and when he restrained her within the house, making sure that she never left.

He had kept her prisoner for this past year, only allowing her out into the garden when he was home and she had hated him for it.

She always thought that she had to protect herself from him, that he would cause her harm. She hated taking the pills after each meal, but what she didn't realise that she had stopped living, that she needed the pills to keep her sane and healthy. She needed the pills to fight the depression.

Perhaps she couldn't remember her previous life with him before the accident, and she couldn't remember any of her pregnancy, but there was some part of her, some deep-down part of her that remembered her losses.

He was strict on her, harsh on her. But she had never thought that he was doing it for her own benefit. That he was only keeping her prisoner because she needed him to. She couldn't understand that she was unstable by herself, that she needed him to take care of her and look after her.

She couldn't stand the sight of him yesterday, and today, she couldn't stand to push him away as he cried, clutching onto her, mourning their loss.

She had lost her son and her memories, but he had also lost his wife and best friend.

His losses were far greater than hers, but she couldn't bring herself to forgive. Not now. Not yet.

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