Silence [COMPLETE]

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but i want a future,

He watched carefully as she walked around the kitchen, pulling things out from the fridge and from the cupboards.

Not twenty minutes ago, she had pushed him away from him only to latch onto his wrist and tug him downstairs and away from the room. She had told him that she was hungry and they had skipped lunch.

At first, he had stood dazed as her mouth moved and words came out, having not been granted the sweet melody of her voice for the past year.

He remained sat on the bar stool as she made a late lunch for two, astonished as she cooked his stake well done, the only way that he would eat it. She remembered. The small gesture -whether deliberate or not- touched his heart.

But he didn't say anything. He didn't want to ruin the illusion that they had temporarily adopted.

She had her back to him as she worked on grilling the vegetable and getting a thick sauce to go with the steak. She had her hands full with the meal, but her attention was directed elsewhere.

Everything that he had just told her, just informed her had been a complete revelation. Never in a million years would she have guessed that they had a deep, romantic history and that they were indeed married. She had just assumed that he was obsessed with her hence why he kept her under a constant tight rein.

She had always hated him for keeping her locked up and forcing her to take a constant dosage of medication, but never once did she think that he was doing all of it for her own good.

That he intended nothing but good for her.

The both of them remained quiet as she finished grilling the steak and cooking the rest of the meal. He continued to stare at her, watching her every move as he often found himself to do, and she...she just cooked the meal without really paying much attention.

Her mind was just too fogged up.

She couldn't remember anything, let alone everything. She couldn't remember her husband, her brother or even her baby. All she knew was that she wasn't happy with where she was.

Plating the food, she sat across from and didn't say a word. There was just too much on her mind. 

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