Silence [COMPLETE]

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without him.

The home situation was good, more than good in fact.

Great. Splendid? He didn't know how to describe it.

He had started going back to work and she had started eating again, taking her medicine properly. She even took some time out of her day to spend in their baby's old room; the room that he had never got to see. That was normally the place where he would find her when he came home from work.

She had completely got rid of the housekeeper and had started doing all the work herself, allowing him to make them breakfast early in the morning and a midnight snack whenever they stayed up together.

They had been bonding as well as of late.

The first night, after he had told her everything, she couldn't sleep. She had knocked on his door and climbed under the covers with him, sniffling quietly as tears silent tears streamed down her face.

It was like a stab to his heart, but he held her close and let her cry.

She needed to get it out of her system before it ruined her and destroyed everything that she had worked so hard for. The past was the past and they needed to move forward.

Since that first night over a fortnight ago, they had been sleeping in the same bed together. There was no physical intimacy between them, and he didn't mind. He was just happy that she was trusting him again, that she was the first face that he would see when he woke up in the morning and the last that he would fall asleep to every night.

He loved that he was able to give her a kiss goodbye and a hug hello when he left for work or when he returned in the evening. He was no longer spending late nights at the office, not wanting to spend a minute extra away from his dear wife who was showing great signs of recovery.

She was also talking again. She was talking to him, to her brother, even to the neighbours when she went out into the garden to tend to all the plants. He made a point to call her every day during his lunch break, and they would spend it together chatting away on the phone.

She spent the time learning more about him, herself and defining her relationship, and he spent it listening to her voice, drowning in bliss.

He had never been so happy in his life...but she had never been so miserable.

Not that she would remember it, of course.

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