Silence [COMPLETE]

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i feel lost.

He knew that something was wrong, that she wasn't happy.

He wasn't blind to her fake smiles and depressing moods as of late. Especially since her happiness was key to him.

She continued to take her medicine and eat all of her meals, but she moved around the house as if she had no purpose in life, as if her life had no meaning. Her eyes would no longer twinkle whenever they talked about where they would go the next day.

What she loved the most was going for an evening stroll in the park after dinner, and he wasn't one to complain. Anything that made her happy was good enough for him. He enjoyed the way she would smile and cheer up as they walked around the park, the way she would talk animatedly with him, discussing the news or something that she had read without a care in the world.

But as of late, she had fallen into old habits. She stayed longer in bed in the mornings and always pushed her food around the plate when it came to breakfast. He had caught her flushing her pills down the toilet last week, but he had never said anything. But from then on he was just more firm and made sure that she took it all at the dinner table after every meal.

She was going to make herself ill again.

She stirred in her sleep, and he froze as she snuggled closer to him in the dark, resting her head in the crook of his neck as her arm stretched out across his stomach.

She sighed in her sleep, content. Peaceful. But when she woke up, this would all be gone.

It seemed like the only time that she was truly content was when she was asleep. But she didn't remain asleep forever and when she awoke, he was met with the gloom of her beautiful eyes and the slightly downward tilt of her full, pouty lips.

She wasn't happy with him, and he just had to accept that.

He placed a firm kiss on her temple and pressed his face into her hair, inhaling in her luscious strawberry scent. A thousand thoughts clouded his mind as he stared off into the darkness of their bedroom, but was grateful when sleep finally called upon him.

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