Silence [COMPLETE]

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i want to run away from him,

Closing her eyes, she sighed and revelled in the warm water surrounding her, the fresh aroma of the vanilla scented candles wafting through the air as she enjoyed her bubble bath.

She hadn't felt this relaxed in so long.

It has been a few hours since he had left and she had spent the entire time unpacking her clothes and changing a few things around the house so that it seemed a bit more lived in; homelier.

She had been really anxious when he had left at first, worried that he was upset, but she soon realised that she was more worried about living away from him. All she could ever remember was living with him, waking up to him and going to sleep knowing that he was in the house somewhere, keeping an eye on her. Even though she absolutely detested the way that he was overprotective and overbearing all of the time, she knew that she was safe with him.

And know that he was gone, so was that sense of safety...but so was his overprotective nature.

Now that he was gone, she could do whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. She was a free woman now, no longer under lock and key.

Ever since he had left her here, she had felt a sense of joy spark through her knowing that it was a new chapter for her; a new beginning.

He had given a second chance in life; and for that and that alone, she would forever be grateful for him.

She was willing to look past everything and forget it all, including him because that was the only way that she would be able to move forward. Even though he was the first thing that she had seen when she woke up after surgery a year ago, even though he was all that she knew, she was ready to take charge of her own life and start fresh; start anew.

She was ready to be the person who she wanted to be.

She could get a job somewhere, maybe even apply for a position at one of the local schools. There was no financial worry as she had found a big fat check addressed to her when she was unpacking. It was enough to last her 3 lifetimes.

At first she was angry, furious. But then, she was grateful. In an odd, slightly creepy sense, he was still watching over her without physically being there, making sure that she was stable and there were no shortcomings.

She could spend the time locked away in her new house working on her art, making new paintings for her new life. If she worked hard enough, if she was lucky enough, maybe she could turn her passion for all things artsy and creative into her career. Other than him, her creativity had been her second constant, an anchor keeping her sane when being around him was turning her insane.

Walking downstairs in just her robe with the intention of starting a late dinner; her eyes landed on something peeking out from just under one of the leather couches. Her curiosity got the better of her when she started making her way towards it. From what she could tell, it appeared to be some sort of photo frame. She must have dropped it earlier when she was unpacking and moving things around.

Picking up the frame, her eyes landed on the one male whom no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't forget. 

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