Silence [COMPLETE]

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but i can't.

The glass of the frame shattered along with any future prospects when her eyes landed on the photo of him.

He had left her; it had been his choice. He had brought her here without saying a thing and dumped her here without a second thought.

She hated to admit it, even to herself but that really hurt; it really hit home knowing that he was able to leave her without a single glance back. She had forced herself to not dwell over the part where she had rushed over to the window and stared at his retreating back as he walked out of the drive, closing the gate gently behind him. She had watched with tears rolling down her face as he walked down the pavement and out of sight, not once turning around for one last look.

He cared that little.

She refused to admit the fact that she had stayed standing by that window long after he had left her, and it was only when some passers-by where giving her weird looks for standing plastered up against the glass did she tear herself away, and even then, it was with great difficulty.

She had unpacked everything in hopes that she could force herself to move on, to coerce herself into believing that she wanted this; a life without him. She had kept herself busy, working through the morning and through lunch but even then, she couldn't shake his presence from her mind. Even without physically being here, he was the only thing she could think about.

It was only when her stomach rumbled in hunger did she return to reality. Opening the fridge, expecting it to be empty, she was shocked to find it fully stocked with everything that she could possibly need, enough food to see her though the rest of this week and the whole of next. She rushed going through the cabinets, cupboards, the drawers and the pantry. Everything was full and ready to use.

A few tears had slipped out then. He didn't care, he had given up on her but he still went out of his way to make sure that she had something to eat.

Despite how hungry she was, she marched up the stairs and into the bathroom; her anger reaching new heights when she found each of the 3 bedrooms upstairs fully furnishes, the bathroom too stocked with everything that she used when she lived with him.

It was as if he had gone out of his way to make sure that she felt as if she had never left. Hell, even the wallpaper in her new bedroom was the same as it was in her old room in his house.

She stripped and jumped into the bath, wanting to wash away all traces, all memories and recollections of him, hoping that she would be able to start a life without him seeing as that was what he so badly wanted.

She had felt much better then, much more relaxed and calm; but now seeing his all shattered into a million pieces and joined the bath water down the drain.

It was only when he had left, did she realise just how much he meant to her; how much she relied on and cared about him. She realised this now, but she was sure that it was too late.

He had already left.

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