Silence [COMPLETE]

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i won't leave him.

The car keys were on the fireplace, sitting there, staring at her, tempting her.

She had made the decision to leave and return to him -whether he liked it or not, it didn't matter to her at the current moment- long ago and now, she was running around the house gathering everything, just wanting to be back with him.

She had just finished the living room, putting everything back the way that it was when she had first arrived.

Picking up the broken photo frame, she pulled the picture of him carefully, not wanting it to tear due to the broken glass.

Clutching the only photo she had of him to her chest, she jogged up the stairs two at a time, desperate to grab everything as quickly as possible to return to him. The drive would be long enough so the quicker she left now, the more time she had to convince him that she would change, that everything would be better...and hopefully, she prayed, he would take her back; baggage and all.

Taking a quick glance at him, she placed a kiss and then set him down on the bedside cabinet, knowing that she would need two fully functioning hands for this job.

She grabbed the large rucksack which she had stuffed under the bed earlier. Throwing open the wardrobe doors, she grabbed the clothes which she had hung up earlier as well and started throwing them into the suitcase, not bothering to fold them as she was short on time.

She stuffed one article of clothing after another, getting on top of the big bag so that she would be able to zip it closed. Only after she finished zipping it up did her eyes land on a piece of paper to her right; it was folded many times, small enough that she would have missed it if it wasn't right next to her. It must have fallen out of one of the clothes.

She remained cross legged atop her suitcase as she unfolded the paper and read it.

Don't think for a moment that I don't love, because I do, for everything that I am worth. You are the love of my life and will forever remain it. I will never forget you.

But I need you to forget me. I need you to move on with your life. Start painting again, start doing the things that you love. Sadly I am not one of them.

I will never come back for you because I know how much you hate me, how much you detest the mere sight of me. I will come to see you become I know that will only bring you immense sorrow. I know that you're miserable with me, and things will only get worse if nothing changes. I cannot stand to see a tear in your eye or an ounce of pain on your face. I cannot live with myself, seeing you every day knowing that you hate me, that I'm the reason for your sadness and pain. So, I am letting you go.

I only wish to see you happy and if that means that I won't ever see you again, then that's fine by me.

I will always love you, let there be no doubt about that.

Brushing away her tears, she grabbed everything and ran out of the house.

Locking the front door hastily, she rushed over to the car sitting in the driveway.

She cried as she opened the boot to put her case in, and found an extra bottle of petrol just sitting there, waiting to be used in case of an emergency. 

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