Silence [COMPLETE]

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because he cared and stuck around.

The car ride home was long and miserable.

The passenger seat beside him was empty and he couldn't help but glance towards it when given the opportunity, as if she would suddenly appear.

It had crushed his heart and broken his spirit when he had walked away from the house, down the road and into his car. He had openly cried as he backed the car into reverse and onto the road. His knuckles had turned white as he gripped the gear and changed it out from reverse and into normal driving. He had sobbed at the first traffic light, not caring that an old lady on the sidewalk had stopped to gape at his heartbroken state. He had screamed at a dog who had barked at him and he had flipped off its owner when he complained.

Even after all of that, he still couldn't get his mind off of her.

No matter what he did, she would always be on his mind. He would always remember her; not that he wanted to forget.

Another hour passed in silence. On the exterior, he was calm and relaxed but on the inside, he was an explosion waiting to happen.

Opening the door, he was greeted by an empty house.

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