Silence [COMPLETE]

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because he's still here.

He walked soullessly around the house; one which he had previously shared with his wife of 3 years but now, she was gone and he was left all by himself.

The first that he did when he entered the house was take off his shoes and align them neatly by the door. It was something that she always used to do, and even when he would forget it and fling his shoes off, she would put them away herself. He had never been a fan of it, but he did it because she wanted him to.

After that, he walked into the living room and draped his jacket over the back of the sofa and placed his keys in the key bowl in the kitchen.

The apartment was empty, the only sound was his quiet, rhythmic breathing and the soft thuds of his sock clad feet over the wooden floor.

The bowls were still in the sink from when they had their rushed breakfast of cereal this morning. He could distinctly remember that she hadn't even managed to finish hers off before he had ushered her out of the house with her jacket and bags already waiting for her in the car.

Looking back at the not so distant memory, he wished that he hadn't let her go because then, she would have been by side at that moment.

But it was the best thing that he could ever do for her. Even though it pained him knowing that he would never see her again, that she was no longer by her side, that she was living a life of her own without him in it, he only wanted to see her happy. Even if it meant that he was the exact opposite of that.

As long as she was happy, he would be okay.

He found himself washing the dishes and putting them away after drying them. He then got out the hoover and started vacuuming the house, even though the floors were spotless from all the cleaning that she had done yesterday. He fluffed the pillows and repositioned the rug. He aired out the house and then headed into bathroom to give everything in there a thorough scrub down.

And after all that, there was nothing left for him to do.

He then found himself walking upstairs and into her bedroom. It wasn't soon enough when he found his hand wrapped around the cool silver of the door handle. With a small squeeze and flick of his wrist, the door was spread wide open for him.

Inhaling in the air, he smiled.

It still smelled of her.

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