Silence [COMPLETE]

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but he does it anyway,

His phone had been going off with numerous miss calls and beeping with even more text messages. He didn't need to check them to know who they were from.

He hadn't told her brother that he had let her go; that she had moved away.

The most reasonable scenario was that her brother had no idea what was going on, and was just worried because all of his calls were going to voicemail. He was probably going mad with worry wondering what was going on that was stopping him from picking up the phone or even replying to a simple text message.

It was never the case that he never picked up the phone, especially not in case it was a call from the doctors.

He had spent the last hour still stuck in bed, snuggled under the sheets, her pillow clutched tightly to his chest. It smelt just like her.

There were no more tears. He had cried so much that he could no longer shed a tear. But that didn't stop him from sobbing quietly into the pillow; the wave of emotions burning him from the inside.

It was only when he could just make out the faint sound of someone knocking on the front door did he open his eyes. He waited a moment, listening. The knocking carried on but he willed himself to ignore it. He couldn't bring himself to go see who it was. It was most likely her brother anyway.

The knocks on the door continued, only getting louder until finally, they stopped.

He exhaled a sigh of relief; grateful that the irritating noise had stopped. He was in no state to go open the front door and welcome guests into his house; especially not so soon after having had his heart broken...even if he had done it to himself.

A few quiet moments passed and soon, he found himself drifting back off to sleep; content to dream of his love.

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