Silence [COMPLETE]

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but together we're one.

From what he could make out from the small gap he had left under the covers, it was getting dark. But he didn't care, and he most definitely didn't bother to pull the curtains.

He had woken up a few hours ago, only to realise that he was in her bed, alone – that she wasn't with him. He had been so happy, content as she smiled up at him, her arms wrapped around his waist, his arms keeping her close. Not that she complained.

His heart had fluttered and skipped a few beats as her arms trailed up his chest, igniting a trail of sizzling sparks that warmed the skin under his shirt. His breath hitched in his throat as she stood taller, on the tips of her toes. He watched mesmerised as the corners of her lips tipped upwards, her face coming closer and closer to his.

He leaned down to close the space between them, one of his hands trailing up the length of her spine to tangle into her hair, the other only pushing her more into him. He grinned when she shuddered, and when her eyes fluttered closed as she angled her head to the side, awaiting him – awaiting his lips.

He eagerly anticipated the feel of her plump, soft lips against his own. The warmth and love that they would bring...but they never came.

Because it was all a dream.

Opening his eyes, he was met with darkness; the only constant that he accepted, but he couldn't fall asleep.

It must have started raining.

Counting the few rain drops that he could make out on the glass window across the room, he stared into oblivion. He was in his own little world and so didn't hear his name being screamed outside.

He just wanted to fall back asleep, to dream of her again; to hold her in his arms and cherish her, to kiss her and love her. To never let her go.

And so he did. 

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