Silence [COMPLETE]

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i will never remember,

The rain poured down on her, hard, but it wasn't enough to persuade her otherwise.

She was determined to get into the house -even if it meant that she would have to break a few federal laws- and make him see sense, beg him to take her back. It had only been twelve hours since she had last seen him and already she was going crazy with the desire to be back in his arms, even though he may not want her.

But that was not something that she was focusing on at the moment.

Her plan was to get in through the kitchen window. Hopefully he hadn't locked it after opening it this morning. He usually didn't lock it until before it got dark but there hadn't been any movement in the kitchen for a while -she would know as she had spent the last ten minutes planning how she would fit through it without breaking anything, whether it be the plates or her bones- so she was hopeful that it was still open.

She nearly screamed in glee -but she didn't in fear that the neighbour would come back to shout at her again- when she felt the latch give way and before she knew it, she had lifted the window open.

It had taken some awkward fumbling around and slightly strange organisation of body parts, but she managed to wiggle through the window head first. She really hadn't thought this through, she realised when she found herself plummeting to the ground headfirst.

That was really going to leave a bruise.

Once she realised that she was and that nothing was broken, she scrambled to her feet, closed and lock the window, and then ran upstairs. The destination being his room. Flinging the door open and switching on the lights, disappointment engulfed her as she saw that the room was empty and the bed untouched.

Where was he?

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