Silence [COMPLETE]

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but that doesn't matter.

She had run around the whole house frantically, checking all the rooms and the bathrooms, even the garden. And just when she was about to give up and head to her room to cry herself to sleep; she found him.

In her room, in her bed. Under her sheets.

The sight of him sleeping in her bed, the silk sheets wrapped around him was mesmerising; sensual even.

The smile that had engulfed her face when she found him where she least expected him to be vanished once she sat at the edge of the bed, finally noticing the tear stains on his cheeks. His face had gone slightly red and blotchy from crying. She couldn't help but hope that he was crying because he missed her.

She was confused whether she should feel happy that he missed her, or heartbroken that he looked so sad; almost as if he had cried himself to sleep.

The longer she looked at him, the tighter her heart coiled with itself, hurting for him and the pain that he must have felt. And soon, she found herself crying tears of both happiness and sorrow.

She didn't know what to do, whether to wake him up and embrace him, or to go make him something to eat because she knew him, and she knew that he probably hadn't eaten since breakfast.

But what she wanted the most was to get under the sheets and wrap herself around him, to bury her face in the crook of his neck and wrap her arms around his waist. She wanted to entangle her legs with him and pull the sheets up over both of them, creating a cocoon of warmth away from the rest of the world. She wanted to fall asleep in his arms and never leave.

And so she did exactly that.

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