Silence [COMPLETE]

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i hate his friend.

"Sweetheart," his voice sounded over the sound of the British chef currently teaching the live audience how to create a quick and easy shrimp salad.

"He's here to see you." He stated firmly from behind her, his eyes glued to the back of head, admiring her long, slender neck which was left uncovered as she had tied her long, auburn locks into a messy bun at the top of her head.

She didn't move.

She heard him, but she chose not to move nor react. He didn't need to specify who he was talking about.

There was only one other person besides him that ever visited. And seeing as it was Thursday, she was expecting his friend to come round for lunch like he had every other Thursday for the past eight months.

Never once was she given an explanation as to why this strange man always came round for a visit and not ever did she ask who he was.

She didn't say anything. She chose to stay silent and to ignore him; to ignore the many stares of despair and looks of longing that he sent her way.

It was just another thing that she needed.

Another person to stare at her.

"Hey," the strange man smiled at her as he took a seat on the sofa next to her, leaving an appropriate gap between him and her after having learnt on the first occasion that she didn't appreciate much contact nor anyone invading her personal space. "How are you doing?"

She ignored him, pursing her lips when he didn't seem to be getting the hint as he carried on speaking to her, his voice so loud and annoying that it blocked out some of the words that Gordon was muttering on the TV about the fresh salad he was concocting.

"I brought a few books for you to read. I know you like reading." The stranger informed her cheerily as he fished around in the bag that he always brought with him.

He always brought her something, whether it was something big or small. Sometimes some pens, food, books, jewellery. This strange man whom she loved to ignore along with the other than that she was forced to live with, they both always went out of their way for her. They always made sure that she was happy and comfortable but little did they know that she would never be happy nor comfortable when in close proximity with them.

She didn't like being caged up all the time with only an annoying stranger to visit her once a week.

She wanted to smell the air and feel the breeze, to have the blades of grass stain her knees as she lied in the grass and to be able watch TV without being constantly hounded.

She wanted freedom, but neither of the men in the room were ready to give her that.

Ignoring both of the men in the room, she sighed, pursed her lips and turned up the volume of the TV.

Only when she had managed to drown out their words did she manage a small, barely-there smile.

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