Silence [COMPLETE]

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he won't leave me alone.

She didn't feel too good today; sour and agitated.

It was safe to say that she didn't feel good most days but today, she had really woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Like literally.

She hadn't been able to sleep too well the night before, constantly twisting and turning under the sheets; too hot to sleep under them but too cold to do so without either.

Groggy and sleep deprived, she rolled over not realising that she on the edge of the bed and not in the middle like she usually was.

And so she fell.


And if the impact of the fall wasn't bad enough, she managed to bump her head against the bedside cabinet.

His bedside cabinet to be specific.

What was she even doing on that side?

And if that wasn't bad enough, her mood plummeted 200 feet downward as he came rushing into the room alarmed and frightened, his eyes already scouting the scene.

His silver shards instantaneously filled with worry and concern, and she hated that.

She hated that he cared so much about her, especially when she purposely ignored him and sent him as many furious and hateful glares whenever possible. She hated that he was always waiting for her, wanting to help her, fix her.

She wasn't broken.

Why couldn't he understand that?

"Are you okay? Where does it hurt?" he asked once he had instantly rushed to her side, already helping her up from the floor and onto the bed, checking her head for any injuries.

Jerking away from him more harshly than intended, her heart ached as she took in the fallen expression and the pain burning in his eyes, but it was too late now as he ignored her whims and went back to inspecting her head for any bumps or bruises.

That was the worst.

When she showed him how he truly felt.

The world seemed to spin on its axis as she stared down at him, worry clearly shining in his eyes as he seemed to say something to her. Her eyes blurred as his face got closer to hers, as his hands gingerly cupped her face. Her head pounded as his mouth opened, but she couldn't hear what was he was saying.

"You have a fever." He stated, his voice laced with concern but she didn't hear him.

A pregnant pause passed between them both before he grabbed two pillows and the comforter from the bed. Before she could even send him or questioning look he whisked her up into his arms. He placed a kiss against her forehead and stared at her adoringly for a few moments and before she could protest, he was out the door and heading down the stairs.

She must be feeling dizzy; he thought to himself as she wrapped an arm around his neck and nuzzled her face into the crook of his neck, her warm breath a forgotten spark down his spine and to the rest of his body.

His breath hitched as she cuddled closer to him. He almost yelped when she tightened her hold on him and he allowed a tear to fall when she placed a soft, tender skin against the side of his neck.

He allowed himself to enjoy the moment because he knew that once she was awake she would go back to hating him.

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