Is it love, or is it hell??

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Carmen is a feisty 27 year old female werewolf.. Nothing exciting has ever happened in her life... She is passed the stage of finding her so called 'Mate'.. All she was ever interested in is reading her books, never interested in the outside world unless her wolf Camilla had to get out and run.. She always wondered if anyone would ever love her for her personality and not just her looks.. Having long black hair, piercing green eyes and a body to die for she always thought of that.. Until one day unaware of her surroundings finds herself in a dangerous place with her long last 'Mate'.....

Romance / Erotica
Angelique Hide
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Chapter 1 Carmen's P.O.V


Finally Friday, I thought..

Work was busy, so my day went actually quite fast..

Packing up the remainder of my things on my desk, quickly slipped my 7 inch heels back on, whoever thought walking in these fucken things were a bliss are clearly mistaken or insane i thought to myself.

While trying to steady myself on one foot, i lost balanced and fell back, to my surprise my oh so sexy, panty wetting, pussy dripping boss was there to catch my fall.

“Oh Mr Tyler”, I fell openly into his muscular arms

“Miss Stilz, you should be careful, you can break your neck in those things” he said.

I could feel my face heat up and a quirk of a smile on his face.


He was so hot, neatly dressed in his very expensive shoes, tailored to the very least I should say. He was well groomed, short styled brown hair , hazel eyes and perfect lips.. Strong arms and broad shoulders, ‘OH LORD’, he is my boss what am I thinking.

“Miss Stilz”.. Miss Stilz” he called

“Mmm, yes Mr Tyler? snapping me out of my own thoughts

“Are you ok, do you need a drink of water?”

“Uhm no Sir, I was just catching my breath” thank you

" Well then Miss Stilz, have a lovely weekend and please be careful in those darn shoes!

Looking up he wincked at me and off he went along to the lifts.

“Thank you Mr Tyler” i said

Grabbing my jacket and my purse, I head to the lift and down to the basement.

The ride in the lift took forever, gave me time to gather my thoughts.

Why did I have to be so stubborn?

Why couldn’t I just get a man worthy of my time.,


The lift opened and I made my way to my car, my face lit up.

My car is the love of my life, so sleek and sexy..

Mercedez benz A- Class A250 sport

Pitch black in color, with purple interior.. Black tinted windows, purple rims with a black wing..

She was beyond sexy and worth every dime I spent on this car.

The ride home was quiet, except for my music blaring.. I love listening to all kinds of music..

Pop, when I was thinking

Rock, when I had a bad day of work and wanted no one to hear me scream

Heavy metal, when I was extremely horny for some reason and some classic music when I wanted to gather my thoughs..

Living in Brooklyn had its perks, but I lived just a little outside of brooklyn near the forest where Camila my wolf can run free.

Turning the corner to my apartment, I drove into the basement.

Making my way to the lift, I removed my hills and walked in with my barefeet.

Pressing 10, I made my way to the 10th floor.

Unlocking my door, I threw my purse on the nearby table and removed my jacket.

Walking towards my kitchen, I grabbed a wine glass and over to the fridge to grab my bottle of Rosé wine, I never had a preference and would drink any red wine as long as it is Rosé.

Sitting half slumped on my couch, I pour some wine into my glass , messing a little, I giggle to myself like a little girl.

Sipping, I close my eyes and think of by boss’s broad shoulders, strong arms and big hands, those hazel eyes no match to my own, those pink lips and finely chizzled jaw.

I sigh, letting out a long breath

After having some sexual thoughts of my boss, I finally open my eyes , to my surpise I have drank a whole bottle of wine, so consumed in my own thoughts I never realised how quock the time had past.

Setting down my glass, I made my way to my en suite bedroom and walked over to the shower turning it on, letting the steam fill the room as I left to the room stripping of clothes.

Removing my silver hoop earings, my silver ring and bracelet.

Making my way down to my bra, in a very slow way..

Yip, I was definitely tipsy alright..

Letting my silver silk blouse drop to the floor, I hovered my hands over my breasts.

So slowly, rubbing, teasing , squeezing..

Having my eyes closed a little moan escaped my mouth..

Finally undoing my black bra, I let it fall the the floor along with my pencil black skirt.

Now only standing in my stockings and underwear, I turn and look at myself in the mirror.

Lightly flushed, my eyes are green very green (only happens when I am really turned on), I let my bun loose and my long black hair falls to my back just above my ass..

I walk to the mirror, admiring myself..

Suck beautiful C cup breasts, so plump..

Making my way down to my stomach , all the way down to my panties..

I slowly remove my stocking and then my matching black panty.

Staring at myself in the mirror I am now very flushed..

Heading to the bathroom, I open my draw and remove BOB.. (My battery operated boyfriend)

He is dark purple, with some studs in bedded (thank god for that or it would be far deep up in my pussy from the masturbating and wild sexy toughs of my boss)

Stepping into the shower, I let the hot water run over my face and onto my body, standing like this for a mere 20 minutes, I finally lift my leg onto the shelve and place BOB now firmly at my entrance.. No surprise I am already wet.

Moaning softly, I ease him in.. I turn on the lowest setting, to get BOB in slowly but not to quick or I will come on the spot..

Whirling around, I grab the steaming wet wall, moaning..

Mmmmmm.... Ah... Yesssssss..

Just like that Mr Tyler... Sir....

My breathing is getting hard and I am panting..

Slowly removing BOB from my wet pussy, I insert my finger..

In and out, so slow, I can hear my juices gushing form my fingers..

I insert BOB once more, and I am lost in my own thoughts..

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