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Heart to Heart

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A demon named Leon becomes fiercely protective of a young girl, Samantha Daniels but can only appear as a small dog at first.

Romance / Horror
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Such a beautiful sight


~somewhere in hell ~

As always I sit on my father's throne watching the ones that have done wrong endure the suffering and punishment they deserve, there reason for them being down here wise.

As this begins to bore me much as it does every day I bring out my claws and scratch a portal in mid-air creating and image of the upperworld. It was my pass time of the day, my television so to speak.

I watch curiously as I see a teenage girl around my age looking tired in a McDonald's Uniform . Well if I was a human, in demon years i'm 217 in human years i'd be 17.

I listened in on her as she sat down at bench in a near by park. She put her head in her hands and cried.

"What is the purpose anymore of living? I have no one. No one to laugh with, no one to make me smile and on top of that I have crappy minimum wage paying job." she said as she pulled up her legs to her chest and cried even more.

A little pitiful if you ask me.

I felt something inside of me i'm not quite sure what it is yet, but i’m going to do something.I not sure why,but i'm gonna do it.

"You there, come here."I said pointing to a man named Tom who abused his wife and was killed by her later on in life looking like a lifeless soul with a knife in his chest. Like I said they are here for what they deserve.

"Y-yes master Leon?"He asked looking petrified, I rolled my eyes I tossed him a pen and paper.

"This is a note to my father, write everything I say."I said getting up from the throne and pacing back and forth as I spoke.

"Dear Father,

I am leaving hell for awhile to go to the human world.I know you might think otherwise but something there has intrigued me and I honestly don’t care what you think. I wish to stay for the time being. You can contact me at anytime, and I will come back when i'm good and ready.If Mother wishes to contact me from heaven I won't hesitate to answer because as you know she can't in hell.

Evil wishes,


Once I finished I turned to Tom and spoke."See to it that my father gets this at once."

"Alright let's do this." Humans like dogs right ?I said turning into a young pup and walking into the portal.


As I was sniffling and crying I hear a small bark and look down to see a small puppy staring up at me with piercing bright blue eyes and black and white fur.

I wipe my eyes and reached down to pet it. "Hi little one I see you have no one either,huh?"

I picked him up and cuddled him in a hug then put him back down then stood up.

"Well little pup I must be on my way."I said he tilted his head and just stared curiously.I just shrugged it off and began to walk home.

As I began to walk I heard another bark and turned around to see him still there.

"Go on, shoo. Shoo."I said wavering for him to go in the other direction he just opened his mouth and panted happily with his tongue out the side of his mouth.

I turned back around and ignored him walking away him but you could still hear the little patter of his feet as he nails scraped against the concrete and his raged pants of breath.

I reached my front door but turned around to see no one there.

Hmm, must've run off somewhere.

I thought opening my door walking in closing it behind me locking it. And when I turned around the sight infront of me scared me half to death.

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