Short stories that belong to the moon (romantic)

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Collection of short stories that represents romance, hurt, and vulnerability. This is collection of 10 chapters, (work in progress) have a key theme of the moon. Enjoy!

Romance / Drama
Emily Michelle
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“Darling, what shall I do when you’re gone?” She asked.

“Look at the moon’s light and remember me only once then move on” the voice of memory whispered.

She stared up at the sky and her eyes made their way to the dark, and dank roof she was sitting on.

“I know your heart belongs to her now however, I still am very fond of you, I wish you nothing but happiness. You were my moon and my light, my moonlight” she said. Resting her hands upon her heart. Sobbing quietly.

She looked down from the roof to see bright lights and wedding banners. “I do,” said the groom. Her tears poured.

“You were my moonlight” she whispered.

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