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Newly engaged Alyssa thought she had the perfect guy. That is until his bad deal gone wrong causes her to get kidnapped. With Logan McCall threatening to kill her fiancé, Alyssa makes the ultimate sacrifice to clear his debt. Too bad it involves cheating on the man she’s going to marry. The moment Logan touches her, It doesn’t take long for Alyssa to realize what she’s been missing in her relationship and with a pleasing offer, she agrees to leave the man she's engaged to for the passion she feels for a man she doesn't know. However, the moment she does she finds out that some things are just too good to be true

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

One minute I’m coming out of work from a 48-hour shift at the hospital and the next thing I know, I’m being pulled into a dark van. My kidnapper placed a towel over my face and soon, darkness.

When I awake, I’m tied to a chair in an empty room. No one is around, just me. My heart is pounding in fear, wondering why me. What did I do to deserve this? Who are these people? I wiggle my wrists, cringing as the cable ties bite into my skin.

“H...hello” I call out as tears begin to cascade down my cheeks.

Suddenly, I hear footsteps approaching. They are hard and heavy, each step signally authority. When the door opens, my eyes widen at the man entering. He looks in his early thirties with a tailored designer suit. His black hair is slicked back and his eyes are hazel. They are almost haunting.

“Alyssa, do you know who I am?” He leans over into my face, smoothing back my blonde hair, his breath smelling slightly of alcohol.

I shake my head.

“No, please don’t hurt me.” I bite my lip trying to stop my tears but they continue to fall. The man’s eyes soften a bit but not much.

“I’m not going to hurt you as long as you tell me everything I need to know. Understand?”

I nod “Yes”

He stands up straight “My name is Logan McCall. I work with your fiancé”

I blink hard. What does this have to do with Alex? He just proposed to me two weeks ago on our 2 year anniversary. He works in for a large corporation but I’ve never heard of this man.

“Why are you doing this? I’ve never heard of you” I twist my wrists, only to clench my fists when the tie digs harder.

“Of course, you’ve never heard of me. Your fiancé owes me $332,000 from a bad deal. He hasn’t been returning my calls so I had to go to the next best thing” He frowns at his own words making me gasp softly. What the hell is Alex into? why does he owe this man so much money?

Logan takes his jacket off and lays in across another chair. I watch as he undoes the buttons on his sleeve before rolling them up his forearm. Logan oozes authority and danger. Everything about him says, approach at your own risk.

“Mr. McCall, I’m sorry that he owes you that debt but I don’t know what it has to do with me. I don’t have that kind of money” On my nursing salary, I would never have that much.

Logan steps in front of me.

“I know you don’t but I want to make a deal.” He leans over again, this time his face closer to mine.

“I will kill your fiancé tonight unless we can come to an agreement” I breath slowly against his mouth and he groans so softly that I barely hear it through the ringing in my ears. I look down at his lips and his tongue runs across his bottom lip.

“Would you like to save his life, Alyssa?” His hand lands on my thigh and I gasp at his touch.

Finally making eye contact with Logan, I take a deep breath.

“What do you want?” Do I really want to know the answer?

A smug smirk appears on his face.

“I want you.”

My breathing becomes shallow at his answer. He wants me! Am I even equivalent to that much money? I shake my head.

“No, I can’t. I won’t. Just let me go!”

I close my eyes just wanting to go home but when I hear the cocking of a gun, my eyes shoot open in fear. Logan sits the gun on my lap.

“If I let you go, he will die. I will come into your house and kill him while making you watch. You’ll never tell because I have eyes everywhere. You will live with his death for the rest of your life”

“Please, stop!” I scream in frustration. I frown as tears run rapid down my face.

“Get it off of me” I whisper.

“Excuse me” Logan mumbles.

“I said, get this fucking gun off of me, now!” I move my leg trying to get the cold hard piece off but Logan grabs it before it hits the floor.

“A feisty little kitten with a dirty mouth. I can definitely put that mouth of yours to great use”

Out of desperation, I squeeze my hand out of the ties, ignoring the pain of nearly dislocating my thumb. While Logan’s back is turned to me, I jump towards the door but it’s locked. I jiggle the knob forcefully, yelling for help but it’s no use. Turning around, I lean against the door.

“Why me? Why this agreement?”

Sitting the gun on the chair with his jacket, he comes over to me gently pressing his body into mine. I try to push him away but he grips my wrists, slamming them into the door. The roughness causes my core to clench and I know my juices will be flowing if he keeps this up.

Sensing my reaction, Logan smirks.

“I used to see you come to visit him all the time. You would have on a tight dress, showing off your sexy ass and curves. I would know what you were visiting for. Every Thursday you’d visit Alex and fuck him in his office. When you emerged from the room, you would be pulling your dress down or fixing your hair but I also notice that you never look satisfied. Why is that?” Logan presses his body against mine and I immediately feel his hard cock pressing against me.

My nerves are running wild in my stomach. I’ve never been handled like this before. I’ve never had a man talk to the way Logan is. Something about it makes me yearn for him but I know this is wrong.

When I don’t answer, his hand runs through my hair, gripping hard. He yanks my hair making me look up at him

“Answer me. Tell me, did he satisfy you, make you come over and over?”

I whimper


I press my thighs together trying to suppress the building desire coming from my aching cunt. Alex was my first and I’ve always at ill thoughts about the way sex was supposed to feel, never understanding why my friends spoke so highly when I could barely get an orgasm.

I want nothing more than to submit to him but I can’t. I’m engaged for Christ sake but I can’t deny that half the time I would visit Alex, he would rush through the sex just to get back to work, leaving me without any pleasure. I only did it to spice up our relationship but it never really worked. It was dull and I wanted more. I thought that since I love him, then sex didn’t matter as much so I said yes when he asked for my hand in marriage.

The thoughts in my head swim around trying to take in all this information and I begin to feel dizzy. My knees give out and I close my eyes but Logan’s arm snakes around my waist pressing into my back. His lips brush across my jaw and I nearly moan. I fight the clenching in my aching pussy as his hand slides up the side of my shirt.

“Please” I whisper, feeling Logan closer than ever “Just say yes and all this can be over.”

I press my hands against his rock hard chest and open my eyes to him looking at me intensely. Everything about him is different from Alex....and....I want him.

My panties begin to soak as his body heat awakens my core. If I say yes, will I be doing it for the love of my Fiancé or just for my own selfish need to come? At this moment, I don’t really care. I slide my hand down his chest and onto my stomach. He watches, licking his lips as I lower my fingers to the draw string on my nursing scrubs, tugging it loose. I look up at him, biting my lip

“Take me” I whisper and a hungry groan rumbles in his throat.

Logan slams his lips into mine and my blood begins to boil in my veins. His hands grab my scrub shirt, pulling it over my head quickly before cupping my breast hard. I moan, pressing my hips forward against him. Logan presses his mouth against the side of my neck, kissing it once before nipping at my skin.

“I’m going to fuck you better than your fiancé ever will” Suddenly, his hand slips down my panties, soaking his fingers in my juices. I run my fingers through his hair, pulling his head back as I grind my hips against his fingers.

“Aah!” I yell out when two of his fingers plunge into the depths of my core.

“Fuck, you are so wet, Alyssa.” His hand thrusts into me faster.

With my free hand, I pull his belt loose and undo the button effortlessly. When I dip my hand down his pants, I grip his manhood, feeling this girth. I can’t help but think how much bigger he is than Alex. Logan pulls back and pushes his pants to the floor before doing the same to mine. I step out of them, kicking them to the side. Logan cups my face kissing me hard.

“Down on your knees, now” He commands and I obey.

Easing down on my knees, I grip his hardness in my hand, stroking it softly. I lean forward and lick over the tip of him. His breath becomes heavy as I take him in my mouth, slowly sucking. I pull back and a bead of pre-cum drips out. Licking it up, I take him in my mouth again, this time sucking harder and faster. Logan groans as his hand lands on the back of my head pushing for me to take more. I push him into my mouth as far as he can go, feeling it probe at the back of my throat. I hold myself there until my gag reflexes kick in. I pull back quickly, gasping for air. When I look up at Logan, his eyes are dark and hungry, his tone chest rising and falling hard. Just from his gaze alone, I feel my juices flowing down my inner thighs.

Logan lifts me up into his arms and I wrap my legs around his as his manhood pokes at my core. He carries over to a steel table, laying me back on it. I jerk slightly as the cold hits my back. I look down at Logan feeling weary of carrying this out. He sees the mix of emotions on my face and softly caresses my thighs.

“I’m not going to hurt you. I will do only what your body asks for” For once out of this whole ordeal, he sounds kind and caring.

I lay my head back as he spreads my trembling thighs apart. A whimper escapes my lips when he nips at my inner thighs. I can feel him sucking hard and I know he is trying to leave marks for Alex to see. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be in this predicament but I definitely wouldn’t be having the most amazing sexual escapade of my life.

Breaking me from my thoughts, Logan’s tongue flicks over my bundle of nerves and I moan his name softly. Logan pushes my legs back further as he devours my core. Gripping the edge of the cold table, I grind my hips against his tongue, hearing him moan. I have never felt such pleasure in my life and I begin to think if I really could over look good sex in the name of marriage.

Logan begins kissing up my body, stopping at my breast to bite my swollen nipples before getting to my mouth. His tongue quickly finds mine and I taste my juices on his mouth.

“So fucking good, Alyssa. I know he doesn’t eat you up like that does he?” I shake my head and Logan frowns

“I would eat you pussy morning, noon, and night if you were mine.”

Logan reaches over to his jacket and pulling out a gold wrapper. He rips it open with his teeth, letting the wrapper hit the floor as he slides the latex onto his member. He cups my face kissing me softly as I wrap my legs around his waist.

“Show me how good it can feel” I mumble boldly. Logan bites his lip and he grips his member, positioning it at my slick opening.

I hold my breath as Logan looking into my eyes.

“I’m going to fuck you hard and rough, Alyssa.” He mumbles as if giving me the choice to back out.

I nod softly and Logan rams his large length into me. I scream out and Logan hisses through his teeth as he stretches me to accommodate his size. He rests his head on my shoulder, pulling back slightly before ramming into me again. My thighs begin to shake and when he thrusts into again, I come harder than I ever have. Digging my fingers into his sides, Logan presses his mouth against mine suppressing my screams of pleasure.

When he finds his rhythm, Logan pounds into me furiously. He grips my hair, pulling my head back as he sucks on my neck.

“Take it, Alyssa. Take my cock!” I grip his hair at the nape of his neck, pulling and he groans. “I knew you liked it rough, baby”

Just as I’m about to explode around him, Logan pulls out. I whimper and he smirk.

“Hands and knees”

I turn over and my shake legs make it hard to get stable. Once in position, Logan slides two fingers into me causing me to moan softly.

“Dripping wet just for me” When his fingers are soaked, he removes them, running his finger over my back entrance.

I jerk as he places his other hand on my back.

“Just relax” I close my eyes listening to him, taking a few deep breaths.

His thumb presses at tight entrance, entering me. I gasp as he pumps in thumb in and out. Suddenly, I feel his member sliding into my wet core again. Still working in thumb in my ass, he beings slamming into again. Pressing my forehead against the table, I take in the overwhelming amount of pleasure. With his free hand, Logan gathers my hair, pulling hard.

“Ahh fuck!” I yell and Logan growls into the air, pounding deeper into me.

“That’s right. Come for me, Alyssa!” He hisses through his clenched teeth.

I feel my core begin to contract and when Logan presses his thumb deeper in my tight hole, I fall apart hard. Yelling out Logan’s name, my whole body shakes from the amazing orgasm. The explosion brings me to tears as Logan continues to pound into me. After a few thrusts, his nails drag down my back causing me to jerk at the added sensation as he reaches his own release. He collapses on to my back, wrapping his arms around me. His sweaty chest presses against my back and I can feel his fast pulse. His lips press against my shoulder.

“Leave him” He mumbles.

In my head, I know I should protest. I should push him away and say no but I can’t bring myself to do so.

“He loves me” I whisper and Logan sits up on his knees pulling me up against him.

“Not like I do, Alyssa. I’ve loved you from the day I first saw you come out of his office. I knew I wanted to satisfy you the way he never could. I can take care of you” I turn my head around to look at him and his expression is soft and sincere but still commanding. I press my lips against his.

“Is his debt cleared?”

Logan smirks “Yes.”

“Then, I’m yours”

We get dressed and I feel like a new woman after this experience. I didn’t know sex could be that amazing and intense. As we are walking out of the empty room, I stop at the door and dropping my engagement ring in the trash can.

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