Billionaire's Childhood Love

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XII. Meeting the Roommate

Hailey’s POV:

“Look at the ass on the girl.”

“What is she wearing? Even my maid won’t wear that!”

I looked down at my clothes and wondered if I could become her maid. If her maid dressed better than me, they must be doing really well!

I walk towards the front rectangular brown desk seeing a cute boy popping up. His blonde hair scatters across his freckled cheeks that rest on his palm. “Sup, I’m Austin. How can I help you?” His voice had a southern accent in it.

Austin unsurely glances at the sticky name tag I slap on myself earlier. Josh thought it’s stupid of me to do it, but what does he know - he makes poor decisions every day. “Hay-lee?”

I nod, placing down the items in my arms on top of the desk. “Yes, that’s me.”

He chuckles, rushing his fingers through his blonde locks, revealing his glassy eyes. I stood there, staring at him while he pinned his eyes back. “I’m a Junior,” he suddenly declares. I give him a single nod. “Scholarship student.”

Hesitantly, I gave him another nod. “Okay. That’s nice to know?”

Austin smiles. “I don’t want you to fall for me then later found out that my family is poor.”

I return his smile. “Well, family is considered poor too.”

His eyes study me momentarily. “I find that hard to believe.”


“Because you’re living here,” he emphasizes, pointing two fingers downward. “In this building.”


“This is called the Golden Dormitory, where every student had to be from some sort of prestigious family to live here.”

I look around the quiet lobby, noticing a pure white couch that seemed to have never been touched as well as complimentary coffee plus tea laying in the corner. Everything is spotless, from the glass table, holding stacks of magazines to the patterned blue and white carpet as if no one had ever walked through this place. It looks more like a five-star hotel than a school dormitory.

“Maybe I’m at the wrong building,” I said.

Austin places out a hand. “Here. I’ll check out your name,” he said, and I hand him my student ID. “Freshman,” he hummed and scanned my ID.

I rest my elbows against the counter. “Mind telling me more about the dorms?”

He laughs, banging his hand against his thigh. “I get it now. You skipped orientation, didn’t you? That’s why you’re finally checking into the dorms,” his voice echoed through the quiet lobby as my cheeks held a pink blush. I nod ashamedly while he keeps a cheeky smile on his lips.

Austin reverts his attention from the screen to me. “At Pandora Academy, there are four dormitories, each build-up to ten levels with fifteen rooms per level holding up to roughly six hundred students freshmen to seniors. There are also two ground levels, but those are restricted ones where only special students and faculties can access.”

I remember how I read something like on the online website - except the ground levels.

“Right now, you’re standing in the Golden Dorm-” he spines his chair around. “then, there are Silver, Bronze, and Zinc,” he smiles.

“That you’re segregating students,” I reply hesitantly.

He shrugs. “Yeah, but you know, wealthy students. They preferred to associate with their own kind," he places quotation marks in the air. “But, here, you can always move to different dorms if your status increases.”

“Status increase?” I ask.

“Yeah, the more you accomplish...the more your status increases. At Pandora Academy, the chairman believes more than family names. He gives opportunities, like giving us loans to start our own business or research program. You can also increase your status if you’re physically gifted, such as being a prodigy in soccer or ballet - anything goes.”

“Wow,” I responded. Well, my social status is not going to increase.

The computer beeps and we turn our attention back to it. "I guess you do belong here. Interesting, a freshman at the Golden Dorm.”

“Is there something wrong?” I ask.

He shrugs, “Most freshmen start at one of the other three dorms, then they might move here during their junior or senior years, but we get freshmen once in a while too.”

“You do?”

“Yeah, Martinez’s little girl is a freshman too.”

“Martinez? Like Crystal Martinez?” I ask.

He nods, scanning my ID while his eyes pin towards the screen. “You know her?”

I smile, “Yup!”

His eyes narrow then widen as if something snaps. “You’re her! You’re-”

A scream caught my attention, and I turned around to see the one, the only...thorn to Joshua Greyson’s side. “Crystal!” I scream.

Crystal slams her body into mine. “Oh my gosh! Everyone here is so mean!” She looks up and down my body. “Hey, did you trim your hair?”

I nod. “Yeah!”

She slaps my arm. “Stop fucking with me. Does Josh know about this?”

I sigh. “Yes.”


“He gave me quite an earful.”

“He better!”

A girl passes us. “Hi, Crystal!” she chirps kindly.

“They keep bothering me!” Crystal snarl.

A group of guys passes by. “Yo! See you at the party this weekend Martinez?” one of the guys said, pointing two fingers at her.

I lift a brow. Who can be mean to Crystal? Who dares to be mean to her? I also cannot believe there is already a party when the school hasn’t even started.

A girl hugs Crystal while she places both hands in the air, batting her long lashes. “Oh my gosh! You must join the cheerleading squad later, Crystal! We have to have you!” she smiles brightly before turning towards me. “Hi! I’m Gloria, captain of the cheer squad!” She places her hand out. “And you are?”

Crystal stood behind Gloria, putting a large X sign with her arms.

“I’m Hailey?” I reply.

Crystal slams her palm on top of her forehead.

Gloria places a hand over her mouth. “Hailey, as in Hailey Vaughn?”

I nod. “How do you know my last name?” I ask my potential stalker.

“Because you’re Jos-”

Crystal links her arms with me, scooting me away from Gloria. “That’s enough! Let’s not speak with strangers any longer,” she sang and turned her heels. “Let’s go.”

My brows furrow as Crystal dragged me down the hall; then, I remembered my stack of paper. Quickly, I dash back to grab it, giving Austin a farewell, who continues to stare at me. “Well, that was rude,” I said, finally catching up to Crystal.

Crystal rolls her eyes, not giving Gloria another glance. “She’s only talking to me because she wants to increase her social status.”


“Nevermind.” She smiles, “We are going to have the most fun four years together!” she squeals.

I smile, “I miss you, Crystal.”

She sighs, laying her head on my shoulder. “If I could. I would stay in California with you.”

I ran my fingers through her dark hair. “I would think you of all people would adore the glamorous life; after all, you’re a billionaire’s daughter now.”

“Step-daughter,” she corrected.

“Mr.Martinez is not a bad man,” I said, remembering my meeting with Crystal’s step-father, who happened to be one of Josh’s father’s friends.

Mr.Greyson says he only has one best friend who is Mrs.Greyson.

I don’t know why.

He is a weird man.

She pouts her pink lips. “I never said he was, but-” she shrugs, “he’s not my dad.”

We step inside the elevator. “Why do you dislike him so much?”

“Because...he took everything I know from me-” she mumbles, “and dad may still come back one day,” she whispers the second part.

Her dad had always been a soft spot for her.

“If only...that day...I didn’t demand sugary cereal,” she whispers.

I turn towards her. “It’s not your fault.”

The side of her lips tilts upward ever so slightly. “Then why does it feel like it is.” She swallows, then shakes her head. “Anyways, how do you like Pandora Academy so far?”

“It looks really nice, but I didn’t get much done because of his-name-I-shall-not-mention because I’m mad at him.”

She smirks, “I notice you weren’t there at the orientation. What did my cousin and you did? Sucking on each other tongues too much?”

I roll my eyes and smack her chest. “We talk about this. Josh and I don’t suck tongues.”

She covers her breasts, “ flat chest.” She laughs, then sighs, placing her hands on her boobs. “I’m half white...You would think I would be-” she made a large curve down her chest.

“That’s not true,” I said, placing my hands on my flat chest. “Exhibit A.”

She twists her lips and nods. “We should make a club...Call it Cardboards,” she said.

I burst out laughing. “Double-A Batteries.”

She laughs. “Bee-Stings.”

“Itty Bitty Titty Committee!” we shout at the same time.

Eventually, our laughter died, and we sigh. “This is sad.” Crystal said, then the elevator dings. “Here is my floor.” She turns towards me. “My roommate is an absolute bitch. She kept threatening to blow up my face while I’m sleeping because I threw out her luggage. I mean, how else am I going to fit all my clothes?”

I raise a brow. “What did you really do?”

She snickers, “I farted in the auditorium and blamed it on her.”


She steps out of the elevator. “I couldn’t help it! I had a burrito, and I can’t have my reputation tarnished on the first day!” She smiled and blew me a kiss. “Meet you later for dinner!” she sang, wiggling her non-existing goodies as the elevator door closes.

I smile, feeling a sense of relief, knowing that I know at least two people on campus. Inhaling a deep breath, I clench my hands together, wondering who my roommate may be and if she is nice.

When the elevator dings to my floor. Motioning my legs, I passed one door after another until I met my room. “Room 143,” I inhale a deep breath. “This is it.”

Placing my ID on the scanner, the door popped open. I pushed it and stepped inside, nearly broke my jaw when I saw it. The room was fresh green with beautiful white flowers on the wall. The scene showcased the wondrous bridge along with the ocean. My smile widens, seeing the furniture Josh and I picked out.

Two wooden desks were facing on the opposite side of the room. My head tilts, seeing one side filled with luggage and items. Releasing a deep breath, I place all my stuff down on the other side of the desk. My smile only widens, seeing a mini see-through fridge packed with food. I tap a nail against it, ”Ah...feels like home already.”

Two doors on the corners. I open one to see a massive closet divided into two with my bag lying in the corner. “I need mom to ship all my clothes all of it,” I mumble, knowing even with all my clothes. I would still have space left over.

Closing the closet door, I heard a rush of water coming from the other side. “Roomie must be showering.”

I saw a circular mirror hanging on the wall and fixed myself, then placed out a hand. “Hello, my name is Hailey Vaughn.” I lift it down and pretend to shake my roommate’s hand. “I hope we get along for the year.” I practice my smile.

After practicing my greeting a few times, I twist the upper half of my body around and point a finger in the air when I realize there is only a single bed. “Where is her bed?” I ask no one in particular as I scratch my head.

Feeling a little stuffy, I took off my sweater and threw it on the bed. “Better.” I release a deep breath and walk towards the closet to get a fresh set of clothes.

When I hear my phone buzzes, I walk back out and begin changing my clothes. Grabbing the hem of my shirt, I roll it over my head revealing my tan bra.

IceCream: Let’s eat sushi!

HaiHai: Sounds good! I’ll ask Josh if he wants to come.

IceCream: Oh, please, Hailey, Josh goes wherever you go. You guys are like this annoying 2 for 1 package deal.

HayBug: Want to eat sushi with Crystal and me?

“And send,” I said, granting myself a single nod of approval.


I leap back, eyes meeting with a dazzling pair of ocean ones. He stands there, rushing his fingers down his wet hair as the water rushes down his lean, sculpted chest. “You took a longer time to get up here than I expected,” he said. He rushed the small white towel through his dark hair as my gaze dropped down to his barely covered waist.

He smirks, tilting his head as the water dripped down the tip of his hair. “Well... isn’t this a nice surprise.” His eyes went down.

I’m in my training bra. Instantly, I cover my chest. “Josh! Why are you here?!”

He takes a step forward while I jump back until my bum rattled against the nightstand. Josh’s muscles tighten as he places two palms against the surface, trapping me from escaping. “Is that any way to greet your roommate?”

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