Billionaire's Childhood Love

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XIII. Sup Cuz

Hailey’s POV:




“Wait...roommate?” I ask.

He smiled and grabbed the towel to dry the rest of his hair. “Yup.”

I took a step forward. “Us?” I point at him than myself.

He unzips the suitcase in the corner of the room. The perfectly folded clothes made their appearance. “Yup.”


He grabs a boxer. “Yup.”

I point to fingers to the floor. “In this room?”

He stood up and dropped the towel. “Yup.”

“Josh!” I scream and turn around. I closed my eyes when I saw his very toned...cheeks.

Puberty did Joshua Greyson a lot of justice. For ordinary people, puberty tickles our head with a feather. For a Greyson, puberty threw a rock and said, be a beautiful bitch.

It also helps that Josh does years of intense soccer and karate.

“Why are you acting so shy now? You saw my no-no before,” he teases me.

My cheeks heat up. “Yes! When I was like five!”

He laughs, “Remember when you poked it and was like - I want that too!" his tone increases into a higher pitch.

When Josh and I were younger, we often bathed together. I don’t remember when we stopped bathing together. We just kind of did.

After our first meeting, where he completely hated me, we became attached by the waists.

Yes, from what I heard, Josh hated me.

Long story short, Josh punched my face.

It wasn’t pretty. I meant my bloody nose. Joshua Greyson gave me a bloody nose during our first meeting because I hogged all of his mom’s attention.

What a mama’s boy.

“Yes, and I also remember how you almost gave me a concussion,” I state.

“A bloody nose! I gave you one bloody nose over ten years ago! Why are we even talking about this?”

I groan, “I don’t know? Maybe because you punched a three-year-old?”

He walks in front of me, fully dressed, to my disappointment. “I was five!”

I sat on the bed and pouted, “It still hurts-” I place a hand over my chest. “here.”

Josh settled beside me, “Want me to kiss it and make it all better?”

I punch his arm, “You pervert.” I flop down on the bed. “Is this some sort of joke? Us being roommates?”

He drops down beside me, “Nope, we’re roomies.”

“Shouldn’t my roommate be a girl?”

Josh turns his body to the side. “Seems like someone didn’t read the pamphlet from their orien-” I glare at him, and he pretends to clear his throat. “All dorms at Pandora Academy are coeds. Guys with dudes. Boys with girls. Females with chicks. It’s a mixture.”


He wrapped his arm and leg on top of my body. “Just like old times.”

I chuckle, “You mean, last night?”

The edge of his lips curled up, “Oh, was it so good you can’t forget it?”

“Amazing...So, very unforgettable,” I try my best to put on a flirtatious tone.

“Every night with this guy is definitely unforgettable.” He points two thumbs at himself while doing a little dance. He got up and danced. Josh can’t dance.

“Just for that, I want to forget.” I got up from the bed. “Why is there only one bed here, though?”

“Why do we need two? We have been sleeping together since, like forever." He flipped his non-existing long hair.

I circled the room. “Because it’s weird, Josh! Just in case you haven’t noticed. I’m a girl.” Sometimes, I feel like he forgets I’m a female and not one of his male friends.

His gaze drops once more towards my breasts. “I notice.”

“Oh, give me my shirt,” I said. He threw me the shirt on the table, and I pulled it on. “Josh, I understand that you’re comfortable with us doing this, but I feel like-” I look at the bathroom knob. “Why isn’t there a lock?”

He tilts his body. “I know why.”


“The school wants us to hook up, so they purposely left out the lock. Don’t worry-” he turns his body towards the cabinet. “I brought condoms. Safe sex is good se-”

I grabbed my shoe and flung it at him. Quickly, Josh dodges my killer throw. I slip off my other shoe and rush towards him. He covers his face. “Ow! I just took a shower!” I smack his forearms. Josh lowered it momentarily. “Unless this is your devious plan in making me dirty so you can see in a towel ag-”

I resume my painful shoe smacking.

“Am I disturbing something?” a voice said. I turn to see Crystal. “You guys didn’t close your door.”

I looked down to see myself straddling Josh, who had a smug smile on his face. He plants his hands on my waist and lifts it slightly. I will be lying if I say I didn’t feel anything.

“Get out. Your cuz is about to get lucky,” he said. I roll my eyes and drop the shoe on his face. “Your wicked plan is working! I’ll go shower and come out with a thin towel!” He lifts a finger into the air.

“Ew!” Crystal cringes. “I don’t want to see my cousin in a towel. That’s so urg,” she shivers. “Now, let’s go! I want food!” she whines, then closes the door.

I crawl away from Josh, grab my shoes, and slip them on. Josh rushes his fingers through his slightly damp hair, and I bite my inner cheeks. “Continue checking me out,” he winks.

“You’re so ful-” I stop and shake my head. “I’m not going to fall for that.” I head outside.

He laughs, “Come on! Say it!” He wraps his arms around my body.

I open the door seeing Crystal with a scowl on her face. ”Urg. You two are insufferable. If I weren’t such a bitch with little friends, I wouldn’t even hang out with you.” She flips her hair.

“Same ole Crystal,” I said.

Josh nods on top of my head.

Once the elevator ding, we step out into the lobby. Many people twisted their heads toward us, and the chatter died down. I lick my lips, feeling Josh’s arm nudging me to step forward.

“People keep staring, how rude,” Crystal mumbles. She is the first one to leave the elevator. I scratch my nose and follow her. Walking between Crystal and Josh, I feel like a potato.

“You’re a cute potato,” Josh whispers into my ear.

“How did you-”

He smiles, “You can’t keep anything from me, Vaughn.”

When we walk out of the dorm, still with people staring and whispering, a light blue, extremely expensive car pulls up. A man steps out and hands the keys to Crystal. I leap forward, feeling the smooth, cool surface. “Woah, sweet ride,” I said.

Josh whistles, forming a fist over his mouth. “Fuck is that a-”

“Bentley Flying Spur W12 S?” Crystal smiles, “Oh, yes, it is.”

“Where did you get this sweet ride?”

Crystal presses a button, and the doors slide open, causing my mouth to drop. “Jack brought it for me.”

“Your step-dad got you this?” I ask.

She nods, “Yeah.”

“Why?” Josh question.

She walks towards the driver’s side. “I told him I want it.”

Josh felt the surface of Crystal’s car, “Can Uncle Jack be my step-dad?”

“Your rich daddy doesn’t spoil your ass?” Crystal pretends to pout.

Josh did a karate chop, “More like he got his balls chopped off by mom,” he mumbles.

She tilts her head slightly with a playful smile on her lips. “Well...that explains your mommy complex,” she responds.

Josh scoffed and patted the car, “I do not have a mommy complex. I respect and love her.”

Crystal rolls her eyes before slipping her dark shades down. “That’s the same thing, Uncle Matt says.”

“Should you be talking about mommy’s issue with me? Particularly with your daddy’s complex.”

She scoffed before she twirled around, “I do not have a daddy complex...cousin."

He places his hands on his thighs and tilts down to her level. “Sure you don’t...cuz."

I squish myself between them. “Okay...Okay... It’s okay to love your parents a lot...I love my mom and dad! They are awesome!” I turn towards Josh. “Your parents are awesome!” I twist my body towards Crystal. “So, are yours!” I clicked my tongue at her and chuckled anxiously.

“Jack is not my dad,” she grumbles.

“Yo! Greyson!” a familiar voice rang.

I turned my body towards it, spreading my lids as a dark-skinned boy came into view with two model looking girls wrapped around him. “You!”

Ahmend lifts his arm from one of the girls and takes off his shades. “Daily!”

I exhale, “Hailey.”

He smiles, “Right! The girl from the airport.”

Ahmend walked towards Josh and did this bro-shake. “You two know each other?” Josh asks.

“Remember how I text you about a girl who ran away from me?”

Josh smiles, “Because you’re unattractive...Yeah.”

Ahmend rolls his eyes, “Because she’s blind...duh.” He turns towards me. “It’s her. The blind girl.” He places a finger in the air. “Wait... Are you Hailey? Like the Hailey?”

“The one of many?” I respond, wondering why everyone reacted the same way when they hear my name.

Ahmend cracked out a laugh and threw his head back, “Bro!” He nudges Josh’s waist, “She’s hot!” Josh frowns and pulls me closer to him, away from Ahmend. He places two hands in the air. “Don’t worry. I know my boundaries,” he winks.

“What do you mean?” I ask.


“Don’t listen to him. The guy is high on drugs half of the time.” Josh cut in.

Ahmend places a hand on his chest, “Dude. Ouch.”

One of the two girls grabs Ahmend’s shirt. “Baby...sushi?”

Crystal smiles, “Sorry, babes, only two more seats in my car, and I don’t want to stink it up. I don’t do well with the scent of desperation.” She plugs her nose.

I attempted to keep in my laughter. It isn’t kind of Crystal to say that, but it is witty.

Ahmend releases the two girls and steps towards Crystal. “Laghari.”

He scans her body, “I heard you’re a Martinez now.” He checks out her car and nods in approval. “Mommy sure caught a big fish,” he said. The two girls behind him giggled.

Crystal’s eyes narrow. “Do not ever bring my mom into any of this shit.”

He sniffed the air, “Feeling salty?”

Josh cleared his throat. “That’s enough, you two. Be nice.”

“Yes! We can all go to eat sushi together!” I don’t want a fight to break out. And with Crystal’s skills, Ahmend is dead.

“And who are you?”

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