Billionaire's Childhood Love

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XIV. Magical Stick

Hailey's POV:

Josh folds his arms as he tilts his head towards the girl, sky blues gazing at her. Her cheeks redden, noticing his stares at her as a smile tug on her disgustingly gorgeous face.

I smiled, “I’m Hailey.”

“Why are you here?” the other question.

“Unlike you two, she’s welcome,” Crystal snaps.

One of the girls steps towards Josh and reached his arm. “Josh, who is sh-”

He smoothly slides back and stepped beside me. “I’m sorry, but who are you?”

She smiles, sweetly. “It’s me, Josh.”

He shook his head slowly.

She pouted her plump lips while batting her eyes, “We met during Freshman year.”

He lifts a brow.

"Sweetheart, don’t you understand? He doesn’t know who you are, and he doesn’t want to know,” Crystal said with a smug smile. She pushed up her sunglasses.

“Come, Hailey, let’s go.” Josh grab my hand and took us towards the backseat.

“You want to ride with us? Ditch the skunks.” Crystal popped into the driver’s seat.

Ahmend shrugged and backs away from the two girls. “Sorry, ladies. I haven’t seen my bro in a long time.” He hops into the passenger’s side, not missing a salute sign.

The girls stood there and stared at us. I couldn’t help but feel bad.Is it okay to leave them there? I mean...we can always split into two cars and d-”

“No,” Crystal responds. She started the engine, “As I say, I don’t drive with skunks.”

Ahmend chuckles and rolled down the window. He allowed the air to whirled inside. “Jealous baby?”

“Call me baby one more time, and I’ll throw you out of this car while we’re on the freeway.”

“Oh, how I miss," Ahmend’s voice is filled with sarcasm. He placed a hand on her thigh.

Her hands tighten on the wheel and with a quick slapped, Ahmend's hand was gone. “Unfortunately, the feeling is not mutual,” she responds.

I glance at Josh, who shook his head, indirectly telling me not to question what happened. “Don't mess with her Ahmend," he said.

Once we reach the restaurant, we were directly shown to booth despite the long waiting list. I tucked my lips over my teeth and sat down in between Josh and Crystal. The waiter arrived with the menus.

I kicked my feet back and forth, wondering what I should eat.

“I heard the sashimi here is to die for,” Josh mumbled into my ear.

I flip open the menu, and my eyes almost pop out of my sockets - the price. I glance around to see everyone in deep thoughts while the waiter places down the glasses. He smiles at me, and I return it. Quickly, it drops when his eyes roam towards Josh. He clears his throat. “May I take your order?”

Everyone ordered their food.

Crystal stood up, “I’m going to the restroom.”

Ahmend follows, “Allow me to escort you.”

She rolls her eyes and walks away with Ahmen behind her. I grab Josh’s shirt, and he faces me. “Yeah?”

"Are we splitting it four ways?"

He tilted his head, "Is that the reason why you ordered the cheapest thing on the menu?"

I chuckled lowly, "I mean, maybe we should pay for what we ordered?" If we split four ways, they might as well put my body on the table and cut out a kidney.

Josh messed up my hair, "We are not splitting it any way. Crystal, the girl with the expensive car is paying."


"Yup. The girl with a car is paying. Not the guy with no car." I can sense a bit of jealousy behind Josh's voice.

Soon, Crystal and Ahmend return with scowls on their faces. Silently, I drank my water and ignored the intense atmosphere between them as they glare at one another. The waiter arrives, put down our orders, then left as quickly as possible.

“I can’t believe you think Star Trek is better than Star Wars,” Ahmend mumbles.

“It is better!” Crystal is basically half-shouted.

“What?” I mouth to myself as they began the intense geeky combat of Star Wars vs. Star Trek.

“What do you think, Hailey?” Crystal pulls me into the dispute disregarding the fact that I’m trying to hide inside Josh’s jacket.

“To be honest...I don’t know...I never watched either,” I reply honestly, and their eye sockets pop out. “I’m more of a Harry Potter kind of fan,” I add on with a short chuckle.

Ahmend rolls his eyes, “I’m not even talking about that little wizard boy and his magical stick - Josh?”

I snort, catching Josh’s attention. “He said magical stick,” I whisper.

He chuckles, “You’re dirtier than I thought,” he mumbles.

“What in the world are you two flirting about?” Crystal asks.

Josh wraps his arm around me, pulling me closer towards his shoulder. “Magical sticks,” he replies. He shrugged, “Anyways, they’re both good. End meet end; I prefer watching Marvel movies.”

“Oh, no!” Crystal pound a fist on the table.

The tension increases around the booth as the waiter brought more of our dishes. He ignored their constant bickering about magic, space, and technology, I grab a piece of sushi. Before the others can show off their fantastic chopstick skill, Josh grabbed the plate of sashimi and placed it in front of me, knowing I like those the best.

After we finished eating, we decided to go to the arcade. I laughed when the puck hit Josh right in the eye. He decided to get his revenge by challenging me to a game of Dance Dance Revolution, where I kicked his ass. Everything was great until we got kicked out of the arcade until Ahmend hit on the owner’s wife.

Crystal hit the back of Ahmend’s head. “You had to feel up the owner’s wife.”

He rubs his head. “I didn’t know!”

Josh hung his arm over my shoulder, and I tangle our fingers together. “Dude...She is old enough to be your mom,” Josh said.

“Unlike you all... I’m not picky with my food,” Ahmend glances at me and tugs his brows.

“And that’s how you end up getting diarrhea,” Crystal said, opening the driver’s door.

I shake my head and jump into the car with Josh behind me. We drive back to the dorms, where I somehow fell asleep. Running my hand across my eyes, I looked up to see Josh then cuddle closer to him. “Are we there yet?” I mumble.

“Almost.” He presses the elevator button.

I smile, “Today was fun. Will the whole year be like this?”

He glances down, ocean blue eyes flickered in the artificial light. “Definitely.”

I yawn, “Thank you for asking me to come here.”

The elevator music strings me towards dreamland - a melody I often heard when I was younger. I feel sleepy. My head rolls down, and the muscles of my face relax.

“Thank you for coming.”

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