Billionaire's Childhood Love

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XV. Desperate Virgin

Hailey’s POV:

“Josh, get your fat leg off of me,” I grumble, throwing his leg to the side as the alarm echoes throughout the room.

Sliding across the annoyingly full screen, I flop back into bed, wishing I can rewind time. Right now, if I close my eyes tightly enough, I can hear the sounds of other students’ alarm clock along with their irritating grumbles.

Steadily, footsteps echoes outside the room filled with angry teenagers. I threw an arm across the bed, whacking it into Josh’s face. “Ow,” his voice sounds dull, unamused by my futile attempt to wake him up. He threw my arm back. “Five more minutes,” he grumbles, pushing the covers farther up his face.

Grabbing a handful of sheets, I roll it around myself, exposing him to the world. “Why?” Josh whined. He grabbed the blanket and twirled it back on top of his body.

I sat up with my eyes still firmly shut and grabbed the blanket, but he refused to release it. “This is why I want my own bed!” I shout, then flop back down, refusing to work any further. I rather die in the cold than do a tug of war with a soccer player this early in the morning.

He turns his body, still with the blanket wrap around him. He took a few blinks then a walrus-like yawn escaped his full mouth. Even the walrus yawn sounds appealing. “My blanket,” he grumbles, then shut his eyes.

I tilt my head towards him with an extremely dissatisfying scowl on my face. Scooting closer, I bent a leg and kicked Josh multiple times until he fell off the bed. “Ow,” his voice is still monotone, refusing to detach from the blanket.

Taking a step off the bed, I head towards the bathroom, not missing my single footstep on top of Josh’s stomach. “You women are grumpy in the morning,” he grumbles, curling himself into a ball. “Save me some hot water!” he yells, realizing I’m heading into the bathroom.

Once inside, I prepare for the day with the start of a scorching hot shower. The first day of high school - the day I established my reputation for the rest of the school year. Inhaling and exhaling some deep breaths, I got out of the shower and began drying myself. My eyes pin towards our matching bathrobes - Miss Grumpy and Mister Always Grumpy - with a cute sleepy monster lying in the background.

I smiled, grabbing a bathroom and flung it over my body. Josh entered the bathroom and began stripping. I cover my eyes as he drags his legs toward the shower. Soon, water crashed down the tiles, but I didn’t hear any other movement.

“Josh...Are you sleeping?”

More silence.

“No... I’m just resting my eyes,” he mumbles, then yawns.

I shake my head and grab the toothbrush - scraping some toothpaste on it while fighting the urge to sneak a peek.

The water stops running, and the glass door slides open. A thick layer of fog spread the room. “You think this is funny?” he said, and I turned around.

Instantly, I snort, unable to hold back a laugh as the toothpaste erupts towards my nose. I held my nose, trying to blow out the tingly discomforting sensation. Josh stands there with the waistband barely holding the bathrobe that’s meant for me. The edge barely stuck past his thighs, and if he bent over, I’m pretty sure he would moon me.

He stands there eyes, his eyes still shut, as he scratches his stomach. “I swear if I wasn’t so sleepy. I would get my revenge.” He walks towards me and throws out a hand. “Toothbrush.”

I gaze over at him, unable to fathom what’s lurking inside his morning mind as I slide the toothpaste across his toothbrush, printed with the name Joshua across it - similar to mine.

He rests an elbow on the marble counter and presses the power button only to brush at a single location - lower left. I glance back, rolling the brush around my mouth, seeing the toothbrush slipping off of his lips. Grabbing his hand, I began motioning the toothbrush around his mouth while he sneakily withdrew his hand and sat on the toilet.

I spit in the sink. “Really?”

He threw out a semi-like smile, waiting for me to brush across his front teeth. I jam the toothbrush in a bit deeper than he liked, and instantly, he shot up. “Ow!” He held the side of his cheek.

Josh’s lips tug upward as his eyes scan my body - intensely. “I can get used to this every morning.”

I wrap the oversized bathrobe closer to my body. “Stop looking, you pervert,” I said and kicked his shin.

“If you want to really hurt me. It would be best if you kicked higher,” he chuckles, rubbing his knee.

“You’re the only guy in the world who would ask someone to kick your balls.”

He smirks, “If it means having a part of you touch my balls, why not?”

I sniff the air, “Is that desperation I smell?”

“I take what I can, babe. Being a virgin can make a man desperate.”

My cheeks turned red - a virgin - Joshua Greyson is still a virgin.

After mouthwash, we rinsed our faces. “Don’t talk to me today,” I said, patting the towel on my skin.

He grabs the other end of the white towel. “Why not?”

“Josh, I want to make real friends.”

He lifts a brow. “I’m your real friend.”

I grab my moisturizer and sunscreen while Josh leaps onto the counter. “Yes, you are, and we can talk maybe on the second or third day of school,” I said, scrapping the product across my skin. “But, today - we can’t.”

“Why can’t we?”

“Because you’ve been here for two years, Josh. You established your reputation. I haven’t, and I don’t want to be known as Josh’s friend,” I explain.

His shoulders drop ever so slightly as he puckers his lips. “I understand,” he grumbles. “But if I notice anything weird happening today. I will talk to you.”

I nod, placing a fist in the air. “Deal.”

He pounds my fist and leaps off the counter, walking straight towards the closet where our uniforms change. Josh handed me the skirt and shirt. “We can both change in the closet,” he suggests the idea again.

I gave him a blank side look. “Desperate virgin is a turn-off.”

He leans against the wall. “Some girls find a virgin quite charming.”

I bit my lower lip. “How?”

His dark hair swayed to the side, eyes were sprinkling with mischiefs. “We are like an untapped source...someone you can deflower...someone who is willing to be trained.”

The irregular beats inside my chest return as my thighs tighten together. “A man without experience is bad in bed.”

Josh takes a step towards me and leans forward until his breath scatters the air around me. “Experience does not guarantee skill or compatibility, “he said, walking out of the bathroom then closing the door.

Stripping down to my underwear, I slip on the Burberry pattern skirt then the white button-up shirt. Inhaling a deep breath, I grabbed some makeup and scattered it all over my face - allowing a subtle non-tired look. Tucking in my shirt, I walk out of the bathroom to see Josh.

It takes every fiber not to swallow seeing Josh in a suit with his long white sleeve tucked inside his sleek black pantsuit. He slides the belt across his waist, tucking the metal through the hole. Rushing his fingers through his messy midnight hair, he smiled, seeing me present. “Well. Well. Hello there, little lady,” he said in a flirtatious tone with a bit of southern accent while I held my breath, seeing him throwing up his cuffs.

I take a few blinks as my cheeks burn red when I notice I’m staring at him a bit too long. I turn my body, heading towards the drawer for a pair of socks and a tie. Once I got it, I dash back into the bathroom, trying to control my racing heartbeat.

“A little - You look handsome - would be nice!” he shouts from the other room.

I bit my tongue to fight back, knowing I would sound weird. I pulled the knee-high length sock, then threw the tie over my neck. My fingers fumbled around the material, and the longer I tried to work it - the more frustrated I got. I walk out, knowing the tie looks like a knot. “I can’t do it.”

Josh held back a snort as he pulled up his perfect tie.

He walks towards me, lacing his fingers down the tie around my neck. I held my breath as he took a step closer, then pulled me towards his chest. “Just so you know, you’re the one who asked me to do this. This is not an excuse for this inexperienced virgin to touch a pair of boobs,” he defends himself before I had the chance to call him a pervert.

My eyes rest on his adam apple as it pushes upward with each knot. His minty breath brushes against my forehead as he slips one end into the knot. “You...look beautiful,” he whispers slowly.

I automatically bit my upper lip. I should say something in return. It’s only courteous. “You look...handsome.”

Josh smiles, revealing his deep dimple as we listen to the soft chattering from outside. He clears his throat, taking a step back as a hand brush on the nape of his neck. “You should go now. Your orientation will start soon, and you don’t want to be late.”

A hand scrunching on my plaid skirt, I scratch my neck. “Y-Yeah,” I replied. I grabbed my backpack and rushed out the front door. Slamming it shut, I walked down the hallway towards the elevator. After some steps, I stop and turn back towards the bedroom.

Opening the door, Josh was sitting on my desk, dangling the keys in the air. “Forgot something?”

I grab the keys. “Yup.”

Once I left the dormitory, I began following the herd of students towards school, trying to calm my beating fingers down. It wasn’t hard to find out where I’m supposed to go, mainly with a giant sign that says - late orientation this way.

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