Billionaire's Childhood Love

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XVI. Holy Shit

Hailey’s POV:

Once I reached my destination, where there is a giant sign that points downward, saying - late student orientation, I stood in place with everyone else.

My toes curl inside my white shoes, saliva rolling down my dry throat as I stare at the towering buildings. I grab the strap of my backpack and pull it inward, hoping it would hide my roaring heartbeats. Chewing on my lower lips, I felt a slight bump to my side by a girl who’s sweating as if there are no tomorrow.

Taking a few blinks, I look forward to seeing the old-style stone buildings — a large, almost looking palace, planted at the center with smaller structures surrounding it. The walls were a dark shade of brown and red that seemed to glisten in the bright sun, and the roof was a grey slate, with pointed towers, threatening looking.

My eyes widen, seeing a few students riding past by us on

Did that horse smirk at me?

Coughing out my lungs, I didn’t get a chance to mentally curse them due to a roaring wind scratching inside my ear. My hair sways in all directions as a helicopter land in front of the group of students. I covered my face until the blades slowed to see a subdued light blue painted vehicle lying on the grass. A man opened the door, and a pair of white heels stepped out. A girl, along with a similar-looking male, stepped outward, then waved at the helicopter, which took off. I closed my eyes and held my breath as the aircraft flew away.

The girl steps closer; her uniform hangs perfectly on her curves. “Sup Freshmeat!” she shouts, and I had the largest urge to hide in the forest. “Welcome to Pandora Academy, the school where you will make it or fucking break it in this damn world! I am the president of Pandora Academy, and behind me is my twin brother, the vice president! We are Madison and Mason, from the Everhart’s family!”

Everyone claps, and I did the same.

I wonder how she got such voluminous hair.

“Come on!” she screams.

Mason is quiet, silent, unlike Madison, who’s aura seems to be overwhelmingly threatening. When we entered through the double white doors, the vast hallways were streaming with students. Madison stops walking, and we all stumble behind her.

She spins her heels around, and removes her dark sunglasses, to reveal her sparkling muddy eyes as she scans us. “Now, Freshmeat, I’m going to give you a little 411 on how Pandora Academy works. You may think your family is the shit, but here, it is shit. Mark my words, you’re going to discover other families who are wealthier and better than you. They are going to stomp on that thing you call self-esteem. We are here to educate you and ensure you know what the fuck you’re doing in the top .01%.”

Madison continues walking, dark navy blue skirt swaying from side to side. I look back to see if my butt is doing the same thing, but my backpack was on the way. I smile, seeing the turtle keychain Josh got for me. Reaching around my neck, my fingers swirled around the gold J&H necklace.

When I bump into the guy in front of me, I look up to see a broad back. My body tilts to the side, noticing Madison standing firmly there. She began talking about the history of Pandora Academy and what it holds. I swallow as she explains how the private institution works.

To sum it all up - High school is a jungle, filled with crazy animals.

“Now, unlike other schools, physical strength and looks barely mattered here. Not strong? Hire guards who are strong and beat up whomever the fuck is messing with you. Not good looking? Ask ma or pa for surgical money. What matters here is your brains and your family name.”

Madison crosses her arms. “Here, there are five families; you should never fucking mess with. Of course-” She flips her hair. “the Everhart’s family,” she smiles at Mason, who stood there with an emotionlessly feature.

“Then, there are the Laghari, Acharya, Martinez, and last but definitely not least, the Greyson. They are the five families that run the states, so unless you have a death wish, don’t even step on their shoes.”

I take a few blinks - Greyson.

Madison waves her hand, and we continue following her. The halls are dressed in white pearl walls, and the tiles were so cleansed, I could see my reflection. While we pass the students, they stop their conversation, predator-like eyes looking at us with a smirk on their perfect features.

“You know how in the West, there is Harrison High, right?” Madison said.

I nod to myself. Harrison High School is a private institution not too far off of MistVille - my hometown.

“So, here in the East, we have Pandora Academy. Similar to Harrison High, we are an elite school established to produce future leaders. Although, compared to Harrison High, we are here a lot longer. It means we are better than them. They are just copying us.”

Someone raises their hand, and Madison points at her. “But, what about their E.L.I.T.E. program?”

Madison checks her perfect purple nails. “Similar to Harrison High, who has the E.L.I.T.E. program. We have M.I.N.D., which is better.”

“Is it true that the founder of M.I.N.D. decided to make that program because Harrison High rejected that person?”

She shrugs, “We don’t know the history between both programs, but we do know that E.L.I.T.E. and M.I.N.D. had been battling against one another for quite a while now. It is common knowledge that the M.I.N.D. the founder is unknown, but he or she goes by the initial N&A, and those who are in the program said the founder is extremely gifted.”

Everyone stops walking again, and I hit my head at the same guy who glares at me earlier. I look down and step back, hearing a whisper: “It’s him.”

I played with my necklace and stepped aside, wanting to see who he would be, but everyone was standing in my way. I hopped and tried to battle my way through them, but the students here are ridiculously rigid. When I found a tiny gap below two students, I ducked down and crawled.

“I heard Madison Everhart is the queen of this school,” someone whispered.

I stopped crawling.

The floor is spotless.

“If she is the queen, does that make him the king?” someone else whispers.

My curiosity only worsens - Who is the king?

Random legs began motioning, and I bang my head against the lockers. Placing my hands over my head, I curse whoever legs it is.

“HayBug, what exactly are you doing?”

Taking a few blinks, I feel warm fingers swaying across my burning flesh. Steadily, I look up, eyes meeting with a bright smile revealing a single dimple, then the deep ocean.

“Why is Joshua smiling at her?” someone whispers.

“The king is smiling?”

“Who is she?”

I sat there, frozen like a statue - the king?

Holy shit! Joshua is a king?

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